The European Union and the Council of Europe continue supporting the Armenian authorities to implement reform priorities

10 April 2024 Yerevan, Armenia

The European Union and the Council of Europe together with representatives from the national authorities and beneficiary institutions, held the second Local Steering Committee meeting under the third phase of the Partnership for Good Governance. “Today’s meeting is a proof of excellent...

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Fostering Diversity and inclusion with Young European Ambassadors in Armenia

27 March 2023 Yerevan, Armenia

Five Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) visited the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan to discuss ongoing activities and country-specific initiatives in the field of non-discrimination in Armenia. This included an in-depth exploration of the project “Promoting equality and non-discrimination in...

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Joining efforts with the Young European Ambassadors from the Republic of Moldova in countering hatred and discrimination

20 March 2024 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

“No-hate” Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) from the Republic of Moldova visit the Council of Europe Office in Chisinau to discuss their implication in local work on non-discrimination and create synergies to involve the youth in future actions. This meeting was a follow-up to the series of...

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Advancing regional co-operation to bring forward equality reforms for the protection of LGBTI community


A regional peer exchange on tackling equality reforms and focusing on the protection of LGBTI persons, took place in Podgorica, Montenegro. Following the regional LGBTI conference on “Addressing the rising anti-gender movement” organised in Pristina“ in November 2023, the two-day event organised...

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Ensuring diversity and inclusiveness: a coordination meeting in Baku with Young European Ambassadors

12 March 2024 Baku, Azerbaijan

Representatives of the Council of Europe Office in Baku, convened a meeting with six Azerbaijani Young European Ambassadors (YEAs), students, young professionals and civil society members, who completed cross-regional online training sessions and an in-person training on promoting equality and...

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