Youth Work and Young Refugees in Europe: Speak about Your Initiative!

We are looking for a wide variety of practices that will allow us to map the diversity and richness of the contribution of the youth sector for the inclusion of young refugees and their access to rights, and integration initiatives in the hosting community. We are especially interested in initiatives that tackle some of the following characteristics, but it is not a must that a practice answers all of them:

- Tackle policy, research and/or practice level – in particular, initiatives that include cross-collaboration between these different levels;
- Can serve as inspiration for other actors and easily adapted and transferred to other realities, with a level of influence that can go from local to European (multi-country);
- Have a mid/long-term approach, for example, go beyond a capacity-building event and have a broader vision and objectives;
- Are youth sector-led but that also engage other actors, such as local governance actors and humanitarian organisations;
- Are young-refugee-led, co-led or co-managed with young refugees (with and/or for young refugees), to the extent possible;
- Pay attention to the gender, social and cultural dimensions, have clear objectives and activities related, for example, with young women refugees and gender related issues.

This exercise aims to strengthen the knowledge and awareness on the added value of youth work and serve as an inspiration for policy makers, researchers and practitioners working towards inclusion and integration of young refugees. This mapping is part of a broader set of initiatives of the EU-CoE youth partnership in 2017.

Please complete this survey by 27 June 2017.

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