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Participation - Participation can refer to taking part in decision-making processes either in the lives of young people or in a collective context; more broadly, it can mean taking part into an activity. Participation can refer to a process or to an outcome. Different justifications for youth participation have been offered, including respecting the rights of young people, making better decisions, enhancing democracy, and to empower marginalised young people. To promote youth participation, it is necessary to look at power relations, actual possibilities to influence decision-making in different stages of the process, the roles given to young people in the process, to offer training, and to be able not only to respond to offered agenda but also to set the agenda themselves. Participation happens within and through formal participatory structures and practices, but also in everyday situations.

Ref: Nigel Thomas (2007) Towards a theory of children’s participation, International Journal of Children’s Rights 15 (2007) 199–218; Cahill H., Dadvand B. (2018) Re-conceptualising youth participation: a framework to inform action. Children & Youth Services Review 95, 243-253.

See also: citizen; citizenship; e-participation; participation – models; participation – ladder; political participation; youth participation