jbjMOOCeu - also available as self-study course

08/10/18 15:13
jbjMOOCeu - the online course on digital youth participation - is the international version of the successful jbjMOOC in German language. The course offers an introduction to the topic of digital youth participation.

Call for Contributions: European Academy on Youth Work: Innovation, Current Trends and Developments in Youth Work

01/10/18 14:20

Have you developed a tool, method or practice, a research or policy initiative that you think responds to current trends or challenges related to youth work or youth work policy or enhances the quality of youth work, and would you like to share it with professionals in the youth work field from across Europe?

Call for proposals : Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 3 – Support for Policy Reform. European Youth Together

14/05/18 15:20

European Youth Together aims to bring together youth from across Europe: East, West, North and South. Projects will share ideas about the EU, encourage wider civic participation and help foster a sense of European citizenship.

The EU Youth Conference (Sofia, 16-19 April 2018) Endorses 11 Youth Goals

23/04/18 17:17

The participants of the EU Youth Conference that took place on 16-19 April in Sofia, Bulgaria endorsed 11 Youth Goals which will inform youth policy at European and national level for the years to come.

EXCEPT Final Conference “Vulnerable Youth – Insights, Policy and Future Perspectives”

14/03/18 11:34

The EXCEPT project final conference aims to advance the dialogue between policy makers, civil society and researchers to discuss new interventions for reducing exclusion in Europe.

Exploring the youth stories and policy analysis, this conference will involve policy and research experts from European and international institutions, who are at the forefront of policy analysis, innovation and implementation.

Final conference meeting: Youth Participation in Europe: Diversity, (Mis)Recognition and (In)visibility

28/02/18 12:26

The PARTISPACE consortium is pleased to announce the final conference meeting of the project

Youth Participation in Europe: Diversity, (Mis)Recognition and (In)visibility

on April 18th 2018 at the High School of Public health campus located in Paris.

The 2016 Quality of Life Survey in the EU28 published by Eurofound

14/12/17 10:01

Explore the latest results of the 2016 Quality of Life Survey in the EU28 published by Eurofound. A wealth of data on a variety of topics related to subjective well-being, health and aspects of individual quality of life such as living conditions, housing, and material deprivation, but also participation, volunteering, work–life balance, care responsibilities and life online.

Questionnaire on youth work with young refugees

20/11/17 11:33
The project "Becoming a part of Europe" will analyse existing Youth Work practices promoting integration and social inclusion of Young Refugees, Migrants and Asylum Seekers.

European Qualifications Passport for Refugees

20/11/17 11:21
“Imagine for a second that you were to flee your country and you have a very short time to take what you can and leave your home, your city, everything behind you. You could not find your diplomas or perhaps as you were travelling by sea you have lost the documents. Now you have arrived in a host country but you cannot prove that you have those qualifications. How would you feel? What could you do?”

Call for participants: Speak UP, Step UP! European youth work empowering young people’s democratic values & active citizenship

07/08/17 15:27

 We present you Speak UP, Step UP! A European conference to consider the practice, impact and future role of Erasmus+ Youth in Action in promoting democratic values and attitudes and active citizenship among young people in Europe, organised by JUGEND für Europa (German National Agency for Erasmus+) and co-organised by SALTO SEE.

The Call for participants, available at the link below, is open until 27 August!

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