H2020 CATCH-EyoU Conference Young People as Active EU Citizens? Challenges and Visions on a Renewed Project for Europe, Athens, 2-4 March, 2017

H2020 CATCH-EyoU Conference Young People as Active EU Citizens? Challenges and Visions on a Renewed Project for Europe, Athens, 2-4 March, 2017
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A major challenge for the EU is currently improving dialogue in order to enhance young people’s trust in EU Institutions and their active engagement in EU issues. CATCH-EyoU is a research and innovation action funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme, SC6, topic Young 5-2014, Grant Agreement nr 649538. Through the joint contribution of different disciplines (e.g., psychology, education, political science, sociology, media and communications) the first conference of CATCH-EyoU aims to explore the multifaceted factors that influence the different forms of youth active engagement in Europe, thus offering policy makers and professionals working with young people new instruments and “conceptual lenses” to better understand this generation and bring the EU closer to all its citizens.


Organizing Committee

Frosso Motti-Stefanidi (Chair)

Vassilis Pavlopoulos Nancy Papathanasiou Xenia Antonopoulou Georgia Tzima Dimitra Kostoglou Katerina Georgatou Athanasios Kyritsis



There are no registraton fees. However, in order to comply with room capacity, all participants (with or without paper contribution) should register by submitting the online registration form


Keynote Speakers

Martyn Barrett, University of Surrey, UK: Competences for Democratic Culture: Using Education to Empower Youth

Xenia Chryssochoou, Panteion University, Greece: Are they trully radical? Representations of the social order, identities, deologies and political engagement of young people in Europe

Ariadne Vromen, University of Sydney, Australia: Imagining political futures: Young people's new approaches to participation

Scientific Programme

The scientific programme of the conference consists of invited keynote lectures, invited and submitted symposia, individual papers, poster sessions, and interactive events* aiming to bring together researchers with stakeholders, e.g., policy makers, youth organizations, and young people.

Thematic Areas

The scientific presentations and interactive events of the conference aim to address issues related to active citizenship and political participation of European youth, such as the following: The identity of European youth/Youth visions on Europe/Strategies and projects to promote youth active citizenship in Europe/NEET (youth Not engaged in Education, Employment or Training) in Europe / Radicalization and extremism among European youth /Civic and community participation of European Youth / Youth mobility across Europe /Youth political participation / New/Alternative styles of participation of European youth / Digital participation of European youth / Participatory culture and entrepreneurship among young people in Europe / European youth and the media/ Intercultural awareness and relationship among young people in Europe

Interactive Events*

1) The interactive event involving High School students will present the first outcomes of the intervention on youth active citizenship performed within the CATCH-EyoU project. Students from High Schools in five countries will present and discuss their work and will welcome feedback and suggestions from conference participants.

2)  The interactive event involving Erasmus students will be a simluation game, in the form of a debate, aiming to explore the conditions and potential obstacles in the dialogue of European youth with EU institutions.

3) The Youth Organizations Blvd will be an exhibition of projects and activities carried out bylocal (Greek) and European youth organizations.

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News topics
  • Citizenship
  • European Union
  • Youth policy strategies / knowledge based policy / knowledge on youth
  • Participation

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