Call for stories – young people in vulnerable situations overcoming barriers to social inclusion

Call for stories – young people in vulnerable situations overcoming barriers to social inclusion
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The purpose of such a ‘Mapping on barriers encountered by young people in vulnerable situations’ is to develop knowledge based resources that can better support initiatives aiming at ensuring young people’s access to rights and
at providing them with opportunities to equally engage in the society.

The expected outcomes of the mapping process are:

- An analytical paper presenting a single concise framework for systematising knowledge on the barriers limiting access to social rights of young people in vulnerable situations. The variety of situations in Member States should be taken into account.

- An analytical paper analysing good examples of practice in youth work and youth policy in overcoming the barriers identified.

The provisional findings of the mapping and proposed examples of good practice will be discussed in a reflection group of experts.

The expert seminar will propose a number of conclusions and recommendations addressed at policy, research and practice on how to overcome barriers to social inclusion.

To develop the mapping of barriers we need your contributions!

Do you know – Have you heard?
About interesting, inspirational and successful initiatives towards the social inclusion of young people?
Good examples of practice that you think everybody should know about.
Or the one initiative that was very innovative or effective, but did not sustain for some reason?
Or a remarkable personal experience that allows to learn about how barriers to social inclusion can be overcome?

If you do, let us know!

Please see the more detailed call for stories with some good examples of practice attached.

Please send a succinct description (i.e. domain, place, aims, method description, target group, what is special about that
initiative, etc.) by September 15, 2014 to

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