Call for an expert to cooperate on a report on youth participation

Call for an expert to cooperate on a report on youth participation
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The Congress’s report on “ Youth and democracy: the changing face of youth political engagement”, adopted on 17 October 2012, shows that, contrary to popular belief, young people have not disengaged from democratic and civic behaviour. In view of the conclusions of its 2012 report, and of the new forms of participation that are developing, the Congress has decided the time is ripe to take a new look at youth participation to see how local and regional authorities can engage with young people and promote their participation beyond the traditional model of municipal/regional youth councils. The new report proposes to determine how young people are engaging today, the tools and methods they are using, and to explore how local and regional authorities can tap into these tools to develop a youth participation culture whereby young people are not only allowed to express their opinions but also to participate fully in policy and decision making to bring about actual change in society. The report will also consider how to ensure all groups of young people in society, including marginalised groups, can participate in local and regional policy and decision-making mechanisms. The report will present a number of recommendations to local and regional authorities of the 47 Council of Europe member states on how to integrate these new tools for youth participation into their policy and decision-making mechanisms.

The Congress wishes to contract an expert to undertake the following, to:

- contribute to the drafting of the Congress’s report by researching existing tools being used by young people to participate in society and be active citizens today, and exploring how local and regional authorities can tap into these methods to ensure the real participation of young people in policy and decision making;

- identify innovative models and concrete examples of good practice of youth participation at local/regional levels by carrying out a mapping exercise of existing cooperation between young people and local/regional authorities;

- draw up a typology of models for engaging young people in local and regional governance and community life;

- based on the above, propose ways of supplementing the policy guidelines included in the Revised European Charter on the participation of young people in local and regional life and to indicate areas where further research is needed/desirable.

Interested candidates must submit a one to 2 page outline of their contribution and proposed methodology to the Congress Secretariat (Joanne Hunting ( by 30 April 2014 at the latest.

The contribution should be 10,000 to 15,000 words, written in one of the Council’s official languages (English or French) and produced in a word processing file. The expert should also submit a short summary of the contribution of a dozen or so lines as well as policy recommendations (approximately 5) for local and regional authorities, and for national governments (also approximately 5) where these could facilitate policy implementation at local and regional levels.

The selection will be made by the Secretariat of the Current Affairs Committee in cooperation with the Rapporteur.

Please see the enclosed document for further information.

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