30 countries gather in Tallinn to discuss the future of youth volunteering in Europe

30 countries gather in Tallinn to discuss the future of youth volunteering in Europe
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03/07/17 15:22
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Deputy Director for The Estonian National Agency for Erasmus+, Mrs. Reet Kost, said: „European Voluntary Service has provided a unique international opportunity for youth in the European Union and beyond. More than ever we need to ask ourselves what has been the true essence of EVS so far, how can we expand and strengthen the impact and recognition of volunteering, and what do we dream possible for the future? The participation of 30 delegations in Tallinn is a clear witness to the importance of those issues.”  


The follow-up of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) 20th anniversary events that took place last year in many European countries, the communication from the European Commission on “Investing in Europe’s Youth” and the launch of the first phase of the European Solidarity Corps through EVS have created a momentum to keep EVS and its future shape in the focus of attention. During the conference, more than 150 participants from the member states of the EU, EEA and Neighbouring Partner countries are trying to find the answer how to keep EVS sustainable and evolving while also increase its potential as a strong promoter of European values and involvement of less privileged youth. The conference will also present a substantial foresight paper about the future outlook of EVS.

European Voluntary Service is a part of European Union Erasmus+ programme. Throughout the years more than 100 000 people have been participating in EVS contributing in the fields of environment, arts, and culture, activities with children, young people or the elderly, heritage or sports, leisure activities etc.

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The Conference “European Voluntary Service future search – enhanced perspectives for transnational volunteering for youth” will be held in association with the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU on 3-5 of July 2017 and is organised in close cooperation with the Austrian, French and German National Agencies of Erasmus+ in the field of Youth.

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