Call for Authors - Analytical Paper: Learning Mobility and Social Inclusion

Call for Authors - Analytical Paper: Learning Mobility and Social Inclusion
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09/09/15 16:13
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Purpose of the analytical paper

Taking into due account the existing documents adopted by the two partner institutions, the analytical papers commissioned by the youth partnership (particularly in the field of social inclusion) and a relevant sample of the existing bibliography, this analytical paper should research on the linkages between social inclusion and learning mobility of young people, especially taking into account – but not necessarily limited to – the areas of work of the EPLM: linking youth work and learning mobility; providing information and guidance; ensuring quality and recognition; facilitating learning mobility for all and in diversity, competences and training; evaluation, learning transfer and impact.

Such analyses should take into account the framework and the proceedings of the second bi-annual conference of the EPLM: Learning mobility in the youth field: towards opportunities for all. Evidence, experience, discourse, which will take place on 7-9 October 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, with particular regard to the subthemes of the conference. To this end, participation of the author in the conference would be highly recommended.

The analytical paper should particularly identify the essential key findings and conclusions of existing material (from policy, research and practice) and start exploring what recommendations towards policy, research and practice can be drawn from this knowledge.

Structure and key items of the analytical papers on youth participation
To be indicated in draft form by the respondents to this call within their application.

Practical issues

Applications should be submitted by Thursday, 17 September at noon CET.
Please apply by sending an email to Davide Capecchi, with the subject: ”Analytical Paper Social Inclusion and Learning Mobility”. The email should include:

- Letter of application (one page): a succinct motivation letter stating the expert’s
rationale for undertaking the study;

- CV of the applicant stating the relevant experience in the selected topic;

- Suggested schematic structure of the analytical paper;

- Requested days of work, taking into account that the maximum amount of days that
can be granted is 5, at a daily rate of 260 EUR – i.e. maximum compensation 1300

The analytical paper should not be longer than 2.500 words or 5 pages plus references; the references should refer to the sources used for drafting the paper and highlight the most relevant documents in this regard.


- Results of the selection by 19 September – immediate launch of contractualisation.

- Deadline for submission of the draft will be Monday 5 October.

- First feedback expected by 31 October.

- Final deadline for submission: 1 December.

The work will be done in close communication with the EU-CoE youth partnership team and may involve additional physical or visio coordination meetings.

May you be interested in applying and have questions please do not hesitate to contact Davide Capecchi

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