Intercultural dialogue is a feature and fundamental objective of all Euro-Mediterranean youth activities. Intercultural dialogue is also a cross-cutting theme for the Council of Europe and the European Commission and is meant to be an implicit part of all the Euro-Mediterranean activities, since intercultural dialogue is a matter of each and everyone one of us.

In line with this approach, the EU-CoE youth partnership organised training courses, seminars on intercultural dialogue, as well as launched the project on the Indicators for intercultural dialogue in non-formal learning/ education activities as a tool for organisers, facilitators, trainers of non-formal learning / education activities.


Intercultural learning and human rights education in the Mediterranean, May 2003, Spain

Mollina, Spain, May 2003

in co-operation with the Spanish Youth Institute

This inter-regional training course provided an opportunity to share good practice and develop the skills and competences of youth workers in the fields of intercultural learning and human rights education. The course also gave rise to a number of innovative Euro-Med youth projects.