Intercultural dialogue is a feature and fundamental objective of all Euro-Mediterranean youth activities. Intercultural dialogue is also a cross-cutting theme for the Council of Europe and the European Commission and is meant to be an implicit part of all the Euro-Mediterranean activities, since intercultural dialogue is a matter of each and everyone one of us.

In line with this approach, the EU-CoE youth partnership organised training courses, seminars on intercultural dialogue, as well as launched the project on the Indicators for intercultural dialogue in non-formal learning/ education activities as a tool for organisers, facilitators, trainers of non-formal learning / education activities.


Human Rights Education for Enhancing Intercultural Dialogue with Young People, April 2007, European Youth Centre Budapest

Euro-Mediterranean Training Course for multipliers active in human rights education and intercultural dialogue with young people in South East Europe and in the Euro-Mediterranean co-operation context

European Youth Centre Budapest, 16-22 April 2007

The course was organised in the framework of the EU-CoE youth partnership and in co-operation with the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures.