Intercultural dialogue is a feature and fundamental objective of all Euro-Mediterranean youth activities. Intercultural dialogue is also a cross-cutting theme for the Council of Europe and the European Commission and is meant to be an implicit part of all the Euro-Mediterranean activities, since intercultural dialogue is a matter of each and everyone one of us.

In line with this approach, the EU-CoE youth partnership organised training courses, seminars on intercultural dialogue, as well as launched the project on the Indicators for intercultural dialogue in non-formal learning/ education activities as a tool for organisers, facilitators, trainers of non-formal learning / education activities.


Experts' group on indicators for intercultural dialogue in non-formal education activities, May 2010, European Youth Centre Budapest

European Youth Centre Budapest, 19-21 May 2010

Intercultural dialogue is, implicitly or explicitly, a common objective and purpose for all the partners concerned by international youth cooperation and, particularly, those involved in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. including the European Commission, the Coumncil of Europe and the Anna Lindh Foundatuion, for example. While there is a vast field of practice of intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning in the programmes of these organisations, much less has been developed as conceptual and practical indicators about the results and impact of the activities.  In this framework, following a feasibility study, the experts meeting at the European Youth Centre Budapest had the objectives to review existing practices and tools for defining objectives and evaluating results in intercultural dialogue activities, particularly in the European and Mediterranean contexts, and:

- to discuss the relevance and feasibility of a common project on indicators for intercultural dialogue for non-formal education activities in the broader Euro-Mediterranean cooperation framework
- to make proposals for the conceptual and practical guidelines of such a project or, in alternative, of the ways through which the quality and standards for intercultural dialogue (youth activities) can be pursued.

Report of the meeting