Back The Impact of Youth Work in Europe: A Study of Five European Countries

Year of the evaluation publication:

Country or region covered:
UK (England), Finland, Estonia, Italy and France

Owner of the evaluation: 
Plymouth Marjon University, Helsinki University of Applied Sciences (HUMAK); University Degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro; University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès (UT2J); Tallinn University

Type of owner:
private - University

Year when the evaluation was conducted: 

Youth work

Intervention described and evaluated: 
youth work as a practice in five European countries

Methodological approach: 
The methodology involved a year-long process of story collection in the group’s respective organisa- tions, through three separate cycles of transformative evaluation. The project coordina- tors and lead youth workers from each of the youth work organisations attended a second transnational learning activity in Helsinki and Tallinn in February 2018, to share their reflec- tions on the implementation process and learn any lessons for the second and third cycles. The group was composed by youth workers as fallows: four of the countries (the UK, Finland, Italy and France) three youth work organisations were enrolled as Erasmus partners, and lead youth workers from each of those organisations coordinated the collection of stories in their organisations. In Estonia the youth work part- ners were national umbrella youth work organisations, and they coordinated the collection of stories across four regions of Estonia.

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