Back Exploring Erasmus+ Youth in Action. Effects and outcomes of the ERASMUS+ Youth in Action Programme from the perspective of project participants and project leaders (2020)

Year of the evaluation publication:

Country or region covered:
Erasmus+ Programme countries

Owner of the evaluation: 
RAY Network

Type of owner:
private - non governmental organisation

Year when the evaluation was conducted: 

- Education
- Youth work

Intervention described and evaluated: 
Erasmus+: Youth in Action

Methodological approach: 
In principle, the research on the programme and its activities envisages a combination of quantitative and qualitative social research methods and instruments, in particular surveys with project participants, project leaders and staff of beneficiary organisations as well as qualitative interviews and focus groups with different actors involved in E+/YiA, including young people, youth leaders and youth workers not participating in the programme and thus acting as control groups.

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