In recognition of the potential of Human Rights Education (HRE), the EU-CoE youth partnership has a specific objective of promoting european citizenship, human rights education and respect for diversity.

Following publication of the Arabic translation of Compass, the manual on human rights education involving young people, the partnership has launched a series of regional training courses in the Arabic-speaking region. The purpose of these courses is to support the emergence of networks of trainers and multipliers in the Arabic-speaking region and to develop the capacity of youth organisations to introduce human rights education in their work.

Most of the activities organised within this EU-CoE youth partnership agreement are carried out in co-operation with local partners.


Gender Equality in Training for Euro-Mediterranean Youth Work

MOSAIC Training Seminar for Trainers 

Antalya, Turkey, 3-6 December 2008

This seminar was organised to follow-up to the training activities for trainers in Euro-Mediterranean youth work organised by the EU-CoE youth partnership, as well as the publication of the MOSAIC T-Kit on Euro-Mediterranean youth work. It was held in cooperation with the SALTO-Youth Euro-Med Resource Centre and the Turkish National agency of the Youth in Action programme, with, amongst its aims, familiarisation with the MOSAIC and exploration of its contents and activities, particularly in relation to the theme of gender equality, as well as improvement of participants' competence in addressing gender equality in the Euro-Mediterranean youth context.

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