The good practice database

This database intends to chart the landscape of good examples of practice in youth work and training, youth participation and youth policy development.

The main idea behind the database of good practices in youth work and youth policy is to make local, regional, and national activities in the youth field more visible. Youth work is constantly redefining itself through the envolvement, participation and contribution of young people, hence the importance of such a database.

The examples presented here are from the local, regional, and national level. The good practice database is an opportunity for people who are active in the youth field across Europe, to make their work and their experiences more visible and to help them share ideas with others. It also helps decision and policy-makers to analyse and check their strategies and activities in the youth field.

This database, a rich source of information, depends on your contributions.

If you are a young person, a youth worker, a policy-maker, or a youth trainer, share your knowledge and learn about successful and innovative projects in youth work, research and youth policy.

Quick Information:

  1. Chart the landscape of youth work, research and youth policy;
  2. Share your knowledge and learn from others about how to make youth work, research and youth policy work;
  3. Understand what works in youth work, research and youth policy and why;
  4. Foster exchange between projects and initiatives organisers, organisations, and policy makers;
  5. Link projects in order to improve participation and dialogue of young people on a larger scale
  6. Foster quality in youth work, research and policy making
Good practices Good practices

Program M: Life Skills Education with Young Men

25/08/14 15:47
YMI’s approach is based on a gender-transformative curriculum adapted from Instituto Promundo’s Program H and designed to elicit critical reflection on the gender norms that drive violence and other unhealthy behaviors. High rates of alcohol use in the region also prompt the program to target high-risk drinking, which is linked to an increased likelihood of violence perpetration in many settings. 
YMI is implemented in both a community and school setting, allowing it to achieve high levels of participation among boys ages 14 to 18. The focus on youth is important, as adolescence represents a pivotal moment in the socialization process when attitudes and behaviors are still being developed. In participating schools, youth and sports clubs, ten to twelve workshop sessions, led by trained youth workers, are integrated into the regular class schedule over the academic year or during out of school time, with a focus on four key program areas: (1) gender attitudes; (2) violence; (3) sex, health, and wellbeing; and (4) alcohol and drug use. The program includes an optional residential retreat where the youth workers lead additional sessions and team-building activities in a more immersive setting. In addition, the program includes a “Be A Man - Change the rules” lifestyle campaign, which is intended to reinforce key YMI messages and foster change at the school and community level and beyond. The campaign is supported by a variety of educational materials, social media, and “actions” organized and carried out by youth members of “Be a Man” clubs.  In addition peer education and youth leadership activities take place.  In addition the program has had a regional component bringing together some of the youth from the region for additional training and campaign development activities.

RIDE - Good Practice Directory

23/11/17 08:15

RIDE Good Practice Directory was developed within RIDE project co-funded by Erasmus+ and contains case studies from RIDE partner countries detailing the approaches and processes adopted for an inclusive, diverse and equal youth work practice.

The Good practice directory was developed within RIDE project. RIDE stands for “Resources for Inclusion, Diversity and Equality” and it is a two-year project, funded by Erasmus+ European Fund. RIDE project created a network of partners who share a common vision of quality youth work and developed a comprehensive Toolbox providing youth workers with practice resources implementing principles of inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities.


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