Better understanding and knowledge of youth and youth policy development

In the context of this objective the EU-CoE youth partnership encourages and creates opportunities for representatives of youth policy-makers, youth researchers, youth workers and young people themselves to engage in a debate on the situation of young people and the response of youth policies to their needs and social contexts.

Since 2007 the EU-CoE youth partnership has periodically organised youth policy development seminars. These are attended by decision-makers responsible for youth issues at various levels, academics studying the situation, values and needs of young people within their social contexts, youth NGO representatives and others who work directly with young people. The objective of such seminars is to increase synergies between activities carried out with a view to a better understanding of young people and to addressing their needs appropriately through informed, jointly devised youth policies.

Regional focus Regional focus

The EU-CoE youth partnership, together with partners in the regions concerned and the relevant regional SALTO Resources Centres, organises events promoting knowledge-based youth policies in:

South-East Europe

Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

South-Mediterranean youth co-operation