The Convention was a unique opportunity to give a new impetus to the political and institutional debate around youth work in Europe. The Convention gathered stakeholders from all over Europe bringing together complementary knowledge, perspectives and experiences on youth work.

Some background on the Declaration

Why a Declaration? 

The Declaration will be the main output of the Convention. The aim of the Belgian Chairmanship is to use this reference document to give a new impetus to youth work policy in Europe. The Declaration will be presented during the closing plenary session 'Looking ahead' on Thursday 30th April. High-level representatives from the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the United Nations (tbc) will be invited to react to the clear orientations provided in the text for the elaboration of a new European agenda and action plan on youth work. The Declaration will also be taken up by the Latvian EU Presidency, which will present it to the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council on 18-19 May 2015. Finally the Belgian Chairmanship will work hand in hand with the Council of Europe in order to translate the Declaration into legal text to be adopted by the Committee of Ministers ensuring recognition of the value and significance of youth work. 

Who will draft the Declaration?

The seven themes of the Convention will be tackled directly in 24 to 30 thematic workshops 'Towards common ground' and indirectly through 20 field visits 'Under the hood'. Each session will be covered by an experienced rapporteur. A team of 20 rapporteurs is being recruited and briefed. The list of rapporteurs will be made public shortly. Their role will be to record elements of consensus as well as diverging points of view emerging from the discussions. Contributions from all participants will thus form the backbone of a Declaration. It will be drafted by a team of five editors who will meet with the rapporteurs throughout the Convention. The editors have been appointed by the Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR), the Network of National Agencies for the Erasmus+ programme, the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, and the European Youth Forum. They represent the key actors responsible for the promotion and development of youth work at European level. The profile of the five editors (and their substitutes) is available on the page Who's who?.