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The EKCYP expert database allows experts in youth matters to place their own portfolios setting out their expertise and make them widely available. This database intends, amongst other things, to support the network building between youth practitioners, policy-makers and researchers. The expert database contributes to the development of a European area of youth knowledge, in accordance with the overall mission of the EKCYP.

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To be able to register as an expert, please complete this form and add a CV and/or the links to any relevant websites providing evidence about your expertise. The Secretariat of the EU-CoE Youth Partnership will validate your portfolio and you will be informed by e-mail as soon as it is available online. The portfolio will be available online for all users. Your CV and contacts details will only be available to registered users. Should you do have some concerns about this, please amend your CV accordingly by deleting any contact details except e-mail adress.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Secretariat of the EU-CoE Youth Partnership does not take any responsability concerning the information provided by the experts. Beeing registered as an expert on this website does not necessarily mean that the person worked for a European Institution as a consultant or in any other capacity.

Expert database Expert database

Ms Karina Chupina

  • English (C2)
  • French (A1)
  • German (A2)
  • Russian (C2)
Professional sector
  • Training / youth work
  • Youth policy
  • Youth research
Fields of expertise
  • Citizenship and participation
  • Empowerment
  • European youth policy
  • Human rights education
  • Intercultural learning
  • Non formal education
  • Project and organisational management
  • Social inclusion
  • Volunteering of young people
  • Young people and the media / information technology
  • Youth and development
  • Youth and disabilities
  • Youth education and training
Countries of Expertise
  • Armenia
  • Germany
  • Republic of Moldova
  • Russian Federation
  • ~ Belarus
  • ~ United States
International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People -
European University at St. Petersburg Alumni Association (Europe) -
A few words about myself
Originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, Karina Chupina holds an MA in International Journalism (St.Petersburg State University), a degree in interpretation in the field of professional communication sphere (St.Petersburg State University), Exec. MA in International and European Relations & Management (University of Amsterdam), and an MA in Political Science and Sociology (European University at St.Petersburg). Currently Karina is working in Berlin (Humboldt University) on her PhD research on social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Karina has been an expert of the Council of Europe Pool of Trainers (Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation, Youth Department) since 2004. Her main training areas are Human Rights Education, Diversity & Social Inclusion, Disability Rights, Training of Trainers, ICT, Media, Youth Policy and Youth Participation. In her work, Karina is especially focused on developing inclusive approaches to training youth from a variety of minority backgrounds, including youth with disabilities and disadvantaged young people.

Apart from her training, writing and research commitments, Karina has been involved in international youth and NGO work for more than 15 years and has been a President of IFHOHYP (

Karina Chupina has been a consultant for the European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank, Open Society Foundations, ILGA, U.S. Library of Congress, American Councils of International Education, Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit, Erasmus Student Network, OBESSU and other organisations. Her consultancy and research interests are social inclusion, disability, youth and social policy, civil society capacity-building, anti-discrimination, equal opportunities, and non-formal learning.

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