Mr Andrei Salikau

Professional sector
  • Training / youth work
  • Youth policy
  • Youth research
Fields of expertise
  • Citizenship and participation
  • Culture and creativity
  • European youth policy
  • History of youth work / youth policy
  • National youth policy
  • Non formal education
  • Social inclusion
  • Young people health and wellbeing
  • Youth and development
  • Youth education and training
  • Youth employment / entrepreneurship
  • Youth values
Countries of Expertise
  • ~ Belarus
National Institute of Higher Education, Youth Policy and Sociocultural Communication Department
A few words about myself
I am an Associate Professor (PhD in Culturology) of the Youth Policy and Sociocultural Communication Department of the National Institute for Higher Education, Minsk, Belarus.
As an Associate Professor I carry out teaching, organizing and methodical activities; participate in scientific and scientifically popular researches in Youth field; took part in Workshops, Webinars and Trainings for Youth; manage some international Youth programs and projects, coordinate cooperation with local youth public organizations.
In cooperation with colleagues I worked-out the Training Program «Organization work with youth» and obtained a Diploma on “Organization work with youth” with the conferred qualification of “Specialist in work with youth” (2009) .
I worked-out and participated in many national and international program and projects such as National forum of specialists in the sphere of youth work (October 2015, Minsk, Belarus). The aim of the Forum – exposure and presentation the best practices and innovation technologies in Youth work. EPYRU Country Workshop «Supporting Capacity Development in the Youth Sector» Minsk, October 2014. The main aims of the Seminar were: to examine the current status of youth workers’ training, as well as training and in-service training of public authorities’ staff dealing with youth policy in Eastern Partnership countries.
My specific research interests include: state youth policy (development and implementation); international youth cooperation; youth healthy lifestyle; youth quality of life; youth wellbeing; financial literacy and economic culture for youth; social protection of youth in the Republic of Belarus.
Social Networks