With youth unemployment rates reaching over 40% in some EU MS, the issue of youth employment has reached the top level of European policy debate. The following policy sheets on youth employment and youth entrepreneurship give a succinct introduction to these related topics and shed light on concepts and arguments used in the discussions.

Youth employment Youth employment

Young people and employment became an important and equally controversial topic over the last decade, particularly with the ongoing global financial and economic crisis. According to the European Commission’s own assessment, structural unemployment and labour market mismatches have been growing. Net job destruction has been coinciding with an increase in precarious jobs. Young people are facing increasing levels of atypical, and often precarious, working conditions as well as the number of young people working in temporary, part-time, especially involuntary part-time, jobs have been increasing. (more...)

Youth entrepreneurship Youth entrepreneurship

With as many as 99% of all European businesses having fewer than 250 employees, there is a legitimate policy interest in increasing this source of innovation and competitiveness. This sheet tries to outline the area of youth entrepreneurship: the main definitions and approaches, the policies on European level, but also the tensions and dilemmas involved in youth entrepreneurship and ... (more...)

OUr publications OUr publications

Youth employment and the future of work

The essays collected here were developed from papers first delivered at a research seminar on youth employment organised by the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission...