Dr. Manuel Carabias

Professional sector
  • Training / youth work
  • Youth research
Fields of expertise
  • Citizenship and participation
  • Empowerment
  • Non formal education
  • Project and organisational management
  • Sport and outdoor activities
  • Volunteering of young people
  • Youth and development
  • Youth and gender
  • Youth education and training
  • Youth employment / entrepreneurship
  • Youth information
  • Youth mobility
  • Youth values
Countries of Expertise
  • Spain
University of Valladolid
We Live Association
A few words about myself
I am hard worker and friendly work mate. As you can see in my CV, I have an important career as a researcher, but not only in the theory field but also in the practical field. I am the leader of several International research projects from the University of Valladolid.

Social skills
During my professional career I have worked in different jobs, all of them in contact with people and with their own work team. I am used to working in international and multidisciplinary teams with colleagues from and located in several countries.
My social skills and competences include:
 Empathy, understanding, consideration and ethical principles: The continuous contact with people makes me put these skills into play daily.
 Team spirit, argue, support, collaborate. Acquired through my work experiences as a teacher, management of work groups and international projects.
 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, team spirit. In all the projects that I am in, it is the team that takes the work forward.
 Able to communicate with written and oral English. I use it as a usual work tool.

Organizational competences
During my professional career I have had the opportunity to manage my own work teams, when managing my company, as a project manager in the different international projects we have developed.
More specifically, the skills acquired are:
 Organization, planning, monitoring and control, acquired through putting them into practice in each of the labor and social projects.
 Motivate, resolve tensions, supervision, decision making. Acquired as team leader of various teams (in my company, in international projects), developing skills such as motivation, empathy and leadership.
 Project management skills, team coordination and organization.
 Great ability to adapt, innovate, reflect and project. In the work environments in which I have developed, it has been essential to develop these skills for its effective conclusion.
 Ability to synthesize: through critical thinking and analysis of the situation, I am able to develop the best response.

Technical work competences
In general and throughout my life, the following competences are present in the projects in which I am part:
 Learning to learn: I give great importance to informal learning that occurs daily in all areas of my life, it helps me to improve daily.
 Change management: Openness to complexity, construction of a vision and drive change to adapt to the real situation and obtain maximum performance.
 Constancy, management of the ambiguity, trust and responsibility that day by day develop and make the accomplished objectives are met efficiently.

Competencies in new technologies and computer
The computerization of work systems and protocols is present in my daily work.
In a concrete way:
 Use of Moodle platform, blackboar collaborate and similar tools acquired in teaching at the University of Valladolid, University of Antonio de Nebrija and International University Isabel I
 Management of social networks, acquired in the management of the Non-Governmental Organizations to which I belong and in which I collaborate as a strategic advisor.
 Information management on the Internet: ability to find, analyze, use and disseminate public information on the Internet.
 Use of word processors, Excel, Power Point .... Because of the constant need for writing documents, reports, budgeting, presentation of results ...
Social Networks