Dr. Luca Bizzarri

Professional sector
  • Youth policy
  • Youth research
Fields of expertise
  • Citizenship and participation
  • Culture and creativity
  • Empowerment
  • European youth policy
  • Intercultural learning
  • National youth policy
  • Non formal education
  • Youth and the world
  • Youth employment / entrepreneurship
Countries of Expertise
  • Italy
Autonomous Province of Bolzano
A few words about myself
The development of youth policies became crucial in the public toughts about the collective social, cultural and economic growth of the national State and more of the entire European Union. Since 2001 a united consideration about the new role of the young generations towards the development of public policies has gained a central position in almost all the agendas of the political organizations. From this point of view I consider my role as a policy maker of a Public administration in the field of the youth department as decisive for the in-depth analysis, both from a practical and theoretical point of view, of the further advancement of the youth policies at a national and supranational level. In these last times the fields of interests where I concentrated my thoughts were mainly the relation between young people in the area of the Mediterranean sea (see conference in Jordan November 2013 and the participation at the WSF in Tunis March 2013), the non formal educational and the empowerment of soft skills through the implementation of national projects on the active citizenship (see LiberaMente and Festival delle Resistenze contemporanee - see sites below) and recently I got involved in an editorial project about the relation between youth policies and social innovation called 'NEW Visioni di una generazione in movimento' (Visions of a generation on the move) which involves many practitioners of the youth sector at different stages. From 2014 I am a steady member of the European Association for Information on Local Development (AEIDL) where I consider my position useful for building a concept of local communities which considers the new paradigm of youth as a social, cultural and economic vision and the empowerment of the related policies made by young people.