The political developments in the Southern Mediterranean since 2011 have shown the relevance of Council of Europe expertise in accompanying the democratic institutional trajectories of partners in the region.

CNDH staff and members with INPT representatives at the third module of the capacity building programme on prison visits, 3-7 July 2017, Rabat

The South Programme I and II contained an important dimension of technical assistance that was delivered on the basis of partners’ demand, and involved one or more of the following items:

  • legal expertise and advisory support in the development of new legislation;
  • accompanying the settingup and effective functioning of human rights institutions as well as democratic governance structures, also covering democratically elected representative bodies, which will uphold and sustain the legal standards deriving from new or revised constitutions/organic laws/ legal frameworks;
  • capacity building in the form of training courses, peer-to-peer exchanges, confidence-building activities;
  • monitoring and evaluation based on Council of Europe methodologies coupled with recommendations;
  • workshops on benchmarking for legal development, etc.

Technical assistance under South Programme II (2015-2017)

 Needs assessment

 Policy / advisory technical assistance

 Capacity development


Institutional support under the South Programme III will make use of the Council of Europe strategic triangle of standard setting, monitoring and cooperation. The Council of Europe is an intergovernmental organisation based on legally-binding instruments and convention-based monitoring mechanisms on a pan-European scale. The standards are monitored by independent mechanisms and supported through advisory opinion bodies while being supplemented by cooperation and technical assistance activities where necessary. In the case of Southern Mediterranean beneficiaries, as non-member States of the Council of Europe, monitoring mechanisms will not apply until they become a Contracting Party to relevant conventions.

Council of Europe strategic triangle

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