SP3 - MOOC on Recommendation

Creation of an online tool to promote the Standing Committee Recommendation Rec(2015)1 on Safety, Security and Service

The objective of Sub-project 3 is aimed at creating an online training tool to make the Standing Committee Recommendation Rec(2015)1 more attractive, accessible, and easy to use; to make it available and user friendly to a large group of members States of the Council of Europe, and of the European Union.

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has been identified as an appropriate and useful tool to be developed.  The work will first consist of designing the content of the MOOC and will then be carried out in cooperation with a University and/or Consortium for the development of the tool itself. The Sub-project 3 will therefore involve the preparation of the terms of reference/technical specifications for the online tool, publication of a call for tenders, commissioning and finalisation of the development of a MOOC on the Rec(2015)1 during the lifetime of the project.