Publication of the "Presentation of Findings" of the assessments conducted by the College of Europe

A team of national and international experts of the College of Europe were contracted by the Project to conduct two targeted studies: a Project Assessment and an Awareness Assessment of the Framework Convention for Protection of National Minorities (FCNM) and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) in the seven beneficiaries taking part in the Project. The Project secretariat is now delighted to publish the Presentation of Findings of the research carried out by the College of Europe.

The report presents a general overview of outcomes of the study conducted by the Research Team and highlights few important points:


  1. With regards to the Awareness Assessment, the research underlines a low awareness of minority rights with the Charter being the least known instrument for protecting minority rights.


  1. All respondents consider minority rights as important but have different opinions on how to protect them, varying from learning of local languages and education to employment.


  1. Concerning the Project Assessment, the Project is deemed to be relevant in all beneficiaries;


  1. The bigger risks are related to the general difficulty in engaging the minority groups;


  1. The greatest difficulties were found in projects addressed to Roma minorities.


The full report is available HERE.

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