INSCHOOL Countries of Implementation INSCHOOL Countries of Implementation
How were schools selected in INSCHOOL? How were schools selected in INSCHOOL?

In the second cycle of implementation, which kicked off in schools in January 2020, schools involved in the pilot phase were for the most part re-selected for further implementation. For newly selected schools, a baseline survey was conducted in each country, out of which the best candidates were selected by the European Commission and Council of Europe through joint agreement and based on a set of pre-defined desirable criteria, among which, one of the most prevalent has been a 20-50% Roma pupils' population in the schools. 

By February 2020, the selection of schools for the second cycle of implementation was complete in three out of five countries (see list below).

During the Pilot Phase (2017 - 2019), 25 schools in 5 countries implemented the methodology of the "Index for Inclusion: A Guide to School Development Led by Inclusive Values" (T.Booth & M. Ainscow) and were supported through INSCHOOL grants. More details are enclosed in the Project's Infographics.



United Kingdom

Czech Republic

  • Primary school Krnov
  • Primary school Trmice (suspended)
  • Primary school Karla IV, Usti Nad Labem

Newly selected schools (2020 - 2021)

  • Elementary School Petrin (Bruntál)
  • Elementary school Prosetice (Teplice)
  • Primary school Poběžovice (Poběžovice)
  • Primary school Morkovice (Morkovice, Sližany)
  • Primary school Graficka (Prague 5)

Slovak Republic