Combating racial discrimination and intolerance in North Macedonia

28 November 2019 Skopje

The Council of Europe’s anti-racism body, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) co-organised a round table in Skopje on 14 November 2019 to discuss the follow-up given by the authorities to the recommendations of the ECRI 2016 report on North Macedonia, including the...

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Capacity building of labour inspectors in Serbia to recognise signs of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation

28 November 2019 Šabac

“Labour inspectors are very important actors in preventing and combating trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation”, said Aleksandra Ljubojevic, Director of the Centre for Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection, at the opening of the multidisciplinary Workshop held on...

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Equality bodies from the Western Balkans to join forces in the years to come

27 November 2019 Skopje

As a side activity of the launching of the EU/Council of Europe Joint Programme Horizontal Facility – phase II, the Council of Europe and the European Union gathered equality bodies representatives, in view of consolidating the proposal for a regional action with focus on their responses to hate...

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Revision of “Finalisation of Transitional Ownership Processes in Albania"

22 November 2019 Tirana

In Albania the preparation of the new Draft Law “On the Finalisation of Transitional Ownership Processes”, is continuing, in a process of consultations with different actors and stakeholders. The working group engaged in the preparation of this Draft Law was gathered to discuss the first...

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Assessing human rights institutions and anti-discrimination mechanisms in Kosovo*

21-23 November 2019 Pristina

In the process of reinforcing human rights and anti-discrimination mechanisms in Kosovo, based on European standards and best practices, an assessment of the main institutions dealing with human rights, is taking place with the support of the EU and Council of Europe joint Programme, Horizontal...

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Combating discrimination and hate speech in the Western Balkans - joining forces with institutions and with civil society

26 November 2019 Western Balkans

The joint EU/Council of Europe programme "Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022", building on the earlier Actions in the field of minority protection and promotion of rights of LGBTI persons, includes a new component related to promotion of diversity and equality...

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Media Literacy workshops in Kosovo*

20 - 21 November 2019 Kosovo*

Key concepts of media literacy, journalism and digital citizenship were shared and discussed with high school students in the municipalities of Gjilan/Gnjilane and Prishtina/Pristina, in two workshops organized in the framework of the project “Freedom of Expression and Media in Kosovo*”. Vitor...

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State Advocate in Albania with the Council of Europe to develop an action-plan for a more efficient execution of the Strasbourg’s Court judgements

14-17 November 2019 Korçe - ALBANIA

The State Advocate with the support of the Council of Europe is developing an action-plan, which will increase the efficiency of the State Advocate when it comes to the execution of the European Court of Human Rights judgments. The second coordination meeting on the development of this...

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Call for tenders - for the provision of intellectual services on efficiency and quality of Justice at local level in the Republic of Albania (based on CEPEJ tools) - 2019AO92 DGI/CEPEJ

21 November 2019 Strasbourg

Under the framework of the second phase of the European Union / Council of Europe Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey (HF II), the Council of Europe is looking for a maximum of 14 (fourteen) Providers at local level to support the implementation of the Action on ‘Strengthening...

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Enhancing the protection of human rights of prisoners in Albania

21 November 2019 Tirana

Prison Administration and other Governmental and non-governmental institutions in Albania will work together with the Council of Europe towards improving the protection of prisoners’ rights and supporting their rehabilitation and reintegration back into society. The first Steering Committee (SC)...

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Assessment of the mechanism for the compensation of property in Albania

17 November 2019 Tirana

How to ensure that the rights of property owners are enforced in line with the standards developed by the European Court of Human Rights was in the focus of the meetings and consultations conducted by a team of experts from the Council of Europe that visited Albania during 15-17 November 2019. In...

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Quality Education for All – 40 schools to work on democratic school culture selected in Serbia

21 November 2019 Belgrade

Following a public call published by the Serbian Ministry of Education in September, a selection committee evaluated and selected 40 schools from Serbia to take part in the Action Quality Education for All (Quality ED – Serbia). The committee, comprised of representatives from the Ministry of...

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Quality education for all: ministerial peer exchange between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

20 November 2019 Belgrade

On 14 November 2019, the members of the Advisory Board of the new Horizontal Facility Action “Quality Education for All” visited their colleagues from Serbia to discuss specific practices on how to foster democratic school culture and how to include migrant children in education system....

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School on the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights held for young legal professionals of Serbia

18 November 2019 Vršac

Twenty-four legal professionals from various public bodies, law students and researchers and human rights NGOs’ representatives participated in the first School on the execution of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) organised by the Council of Europe in Vršac, from 1 to 3...

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Call for tender: national consultancy services – “Strengthening the effective legal remedies to human rights violations in Serbia”

14 November 2019 Belgrade

Within the framework of the European Union/Council of Europe Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey II, the Council of Europe is looking for Providers for the provision of consultancy services for building the capacity of legal professionals and law students in Serbia to apply...

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Police and forensic staff improve human rights training capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

13-14 November 2019 Medjugorje

A series of training of trainers sessions for law enforcement and forensic staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina are being organised within the Action "’Strengthening human rights treatment of detained persons based on European standards and best practices". These sessions aim at improving local...

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Support to regular dialogue between national courts regarding the application of the rights set forth in the Convention

6 November 2019 Podgorica

A judicial dialogue meeting involving the representatives of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Montenegro was held in Podgorica on 6 November 2019. The focus of the meeting was put on interpretation and application of the right to peaceful enjoyment of property set forth in the European...

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Council of Europe and European Union support Albania’s Fight against Corruption and Economic Crime

12 November 2019 Tirana

Albania actively contributes to the mission of Council of Europe monitoring bodies, including the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) and Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (MONEYVAL), in fighting economic crime,...

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Assessment of Albanian courts’ practice in light of the European Convention on Human Rights

7 - 8 November 2019 Tirana

One of the main obstacles for an effective implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights obligations at the national level is the absence of a harmonised interpretation of the Strasbourg’s Court case law by national courts. In the framework of Council of Europe continuous support for...

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Guest lecture on criminology at the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus in Skopje

5 November 2019 Skopje

Prof. Jan Van Dijk, a former Vice-President of the Group of Experts on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) and an international expert in the field of criminology, was invited by the Law Faculty to speak about his experience in conducting research and data gathering through surveys...

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