Beneficiaries of the Western Balkans and Turkey to discuss assessing terrorist financing risks in non-profit organizations

21 February 2019 Tivat

During the last week of February 2019, representatives of relevant bodies from six jurisdictions of the Western Balkans and Turkey will meet in Tivat, Montenegro, to discuss the need for and best approaches to assessing risk from terrorist financing among non-profit organizations. Through the...

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Training for prison governors and high-level prison management on radicalisation in prisons in North Macedonia

18-20 February 2019 Gevgelija

Prison governors and high-level prison management increased their awareness and knowledge on addressing radicalisation in prisons through a 3-day training, which took place in Gevgelija on 18-20 February 2019. The training provided a forum for reviewing the phenomenon of radicalisation in prisons...

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“Let’s get to know each other” event held in Prijedor

18 February 2019 Prijedor

On 15 February 2019 City of Prijedor hosted the event: “Let’s get to know each other” with the aim to promote and enhance the status of national minorities, to strengthen institutional co-operation and to adhere to the needs of minorities in the area of tradition, culture, history and language....

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Consultative meeting “Professional evaluation of judges in Montenegro”

19 February 2019 Petrovac

A consultative meeting on the new implemented system on the professional evaluation of judges, held on 14 February 2019 in Petrovac, gathered judges from all Basic and Misdemeanour courts in Montenegro who will undergo such professional evaluation in 2019. The Council of Europe Programme Office...

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Capacity building for lawyers on how to effectively apply reasonable time standards continue

6 and 7 February 2019 Podgorica

A comprehensive capacity building programme for legal practitioners has been developed with the aim to strengthen their capacities to effectively apply reasonable time standards in the daily work. The training program is based on recommendations put forward in an analysis produced within the...

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A workshop on indicators on detecting and preliminary identifying child victims of trafficking

15 Feburary 2019 Skopje

On 15 February 2019, 28 school directors and other educational professionals from the municipality of Centre, Skopje attended a one day multi-disciplinary workshop on detecting and preliminary identifying child victims of trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation. The aim of the workshop...

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Final Steering Committee Meeting of the Action on independent and impartial tribunals

14 February 2019 Belgrade

The representatives of the Serbian Ministry of Justice, the High Judicial Council, the State Prosecutorial Council, the Judicial Academy and the Ministry of European Integration, together with representatives of the EU Delegation and the Council of Europe, gathered on 11 February for the final...

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Family law and human rights - new course available online

13 February 2019

The interactive course on Family law and human rights has been developed thanks to EU support, within the project Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) and Horizontal Facility action “Strengthening the Human Rights Ombudsman to fight discrimination”, both jointly financed by the...

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Academic Integrity courses presented in Belgrade

13 February 2019 Belgrade

“We have put our efforts into creating something new with our partners. These training modules will help all of us achieve certain values in higher education, among others, one of the most important values: moral integrity”. With these words by Dr Bojan Tubić, Assistant Minister for Higher...

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Three years of successful implementation of the Horizontal Facility programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 February 2019 Sarajevo

Supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina towards alignment to the European standards is the task of the utmost importance for both European Union and the Council of Europe. Through successful implementation of the Joint Programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey” benefits for the...

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Trainings on harmonised application of Property Act in three regions of Albania

11 February 2019 Shkoder, Durres and Korca

To ensure effective functioning of the compensation mechanism and to achieve harmonised application of the Law on the treatment of property and finalisation of the process of compensation of property, it is of prime importance to build the capacities of Albanian judiciary to correctly apply the...

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Development of a commentary to the Law on treatment of property and finalisation of the process of compensation of property

11 February 2019 Tirana

In 2015, a new compensation mechanism was adopted in Albania by Law No. 133 on the treatment of property and finalisation of the process of compensation of property. This law was positively assessed by the Venice Commission and accepted by the Albanian Constitutional Court, and recognised as...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Three years of successful implementation of the Horizontal Facility programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina

11 February 2019 Sarajevo

The third Steering Committee Meeting of the joint programme of the European Union and Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey”, will be held on Wednesday, 13 February 2019, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Musala 2, Sarajevo. The...

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Presentations of the newly-established External Oversight Mechanism over police work

8 February 2019 Skopje, Stip and Bitola

More than 100 participants from various national institutions and civil society learnt of the establishment of the External Oversight Mechanism (EOM) over the police work at three round tables, which took place in Skopje (6 February), Stip (7 February) and Bitola (8 February 2019). The round...

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The first joint national minorities' programme in the history of Tuzla

8 February 2019 Tuzla

When an Italian and Albanian song, Macedonian poetry, Roma theatre and Slovenian choir performance are gathered at a single manifestation in one city, that city then represents Europe in its essence as an environment where cultural differences exist in harmonious unity. Such cultural heritage was...

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Assisting Ministry of Justice in preparation of a communication strategy

8 February 2019 Skopje

A team of one international and one national consultant is assisting the Ministry of Justice in the drafting of a communication strategy on free legal aid. The main objective of the strategy is to increase the awareness on free legal aid as an important, available and functional mechanism...

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Strengthening the criminal justice capacities on investigation, prosecution and adjudication of money laundering in Albania

7 February 2019 Durrës

Representatives of the National School of Magistrates, Academy of Security, Regional Directorates of the Albanian State Police, General Prosecutor`s Office, Districts Prosecutions, Serious Crimes Prosecution, District Courts and the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering...

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Court police and prison staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina exchange best practices with Slovenian colleagues

7 January 2019 Mostar

delegation of senior prison staff from the Slovenian Prison Administration is sharing good custodial practices in a training session for court police and prison staff organised on 6-7 February in Mostar. This peer training, designed and delivered by local prison and police professionals, aligns...

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Prison and court police officers train together to end human rights infringements in Bosnia and Herzegovina

7 February 2019 Mostar

Security and treatment staff from 14 prisons and officers from 20 court police units in Bosnia and Herzegovina are training and working together to ensure human rights safeguards and purposeful regime in closed environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This peer training session on 6-7 February 2019...

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Piloting of the screening and risk and needs assessment tools for radicalized prisoners

1 February 2019 Stip

Prison staff working in the area of rehabilitation benefited from the ‘on-the-job’ coaching during the piloting of the application of the newly developed screening and risk and needs assessment (RNA) tools for radicalised inmates. The tools were piloted in the two biggest penitentiary...

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