Democratic school day

Novi Pazar 10 abril 2018
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Democratic school day

The first open democratic school day was held on 19 March in Novi Pazar, Serbia. The event was organised by the elementary school Bratstvo, one of the 20 pilot schools that have adopted competences for democratic culture and amended their curricular and extra-curricular activities accordingly.

It took place during the biggest festival in the city that brings together all local schools. The schools based their participation on the theme of the project and presented it to the local community including its goals, activities and the values it nurtures. The school project team carefully created a programme that stressed the importance of a culture of democracy, democratic values, fairness, justice, cultural diversity. With such a syllabus, the students and teachers of the pilot schools were able to showcase how they implemented the values in their everyday school activities and also how detrimental the effects of discrimination and disrespect can be.

The event gathered more than 500 citizens of Novi Pazar and was officially opened by the Mayor. The first of 20 open days was organised as part of the European Union/Council of Europe Horizontal Facility Action "Fostering a Democratic School Culture in Serbia".