Back What does the future of history education look like? - European Innovation Days in History Education 2023

The HISTOLAB Joint Project of the European Union and Council of Europe, in co-operation with Partner organisations, the European Economic and Social Committee and the House of European History, is kicking off the first edition of the European Innovation Days in History Education. The event will take place in Brussels from 8 to 10 March 2023, giving a chance educators to connect and collaborate on ways to innovate their teaching practices.
Conference Brussels, Belgium 8-10 March 2023
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What does the future of history education look like? - European Innovation Days in History Education 2023

Having a common vision on the importance of history education, and how it can further inspire young people to participate in democratic processes, the European Commission and the Council of Europe launched in May 2022 the HISTOLAB joint project aiming at stimulating co-operation in the field and sparking innovative solutions to modern-day challenges.

When history education is referred to as boring or inaccessible, this stereotype could be due to a disconnect between the topic information and how history relates to the lives of students. We are beyond a time when students should be expected to memorise names and dates of famous battles or to recite the speeches of “great men” whose achievements often appear alien to the lived experiences of today.

The European Innovation Days in History Education, as a main HISTOLAB activity, bring together teachers, academics, researchers, junior professionals as well as students in the field of history education in order to engage with one another on projects and ideas previously submitted through an open call, or by the HISTOLAB partner organisations  or the Council of Europe’s Observatory on History teaching in Europe (OHTE). While the HISTOLAB project is implemented in all 46 Council of Europe member states, persons from other countries were also welcomed to apply to take part in the Innovation Days. 

Attendees will participate in workshops, panel discussions, and presentations highlighting practices, teaching strategies, research and case studies in history education. Topics will include digital tools, project-based learning, and inclusive teaching methods that emphasize diverse perspectives. 

The event is being hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Parliament through its House of European History who will also provide content and organisational support.

The event will also mark the official launching of the HISTOLAB Digital Hub – a platform where stakeholders in the field of history education can receive and publish news, events and calls related to their research and projects, and more. The platform will soon be available at


 Full programme here.

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“Transnational History Education and Co-operation Laboratory – HISTOLAB” is a Joint Project of the European Union and Council of Europe aiming to bring together innovative ideas on history education. It has a budget of 1.1 M € and is implemented from May 2022 until April 2024.

The Observatory on History Teaching in Europe and HISTOLAB are complementary and connected projects that cover an extensive set of priorities centred on quality history education and the importance it yields for future generations. HISTOLAB covers the 46 member states of the Council of Europe.

The current webpage is a temporary website while the HISTOLAB Digital Hub is being developped. Learn more about the features of the Digital Hub.

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