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Country: Belgium

Organisation responsible: Sport Vlaanderen (Flemish Ministry of Sport)

Main topic addressed: Participation

Type of resource/practice: Awareness raising activity

Discipline: Multi-sport

Target group(s): Young people (12-18)

Timing: 1 – 30 May 2018

Language: Dutch

Brief description of the practice: With the action 'You experience more outside' we want to (re)activate young people aged between 12 and 18 to do sport. Through highlighting those sports that appeal to young people in this age group, we want to motivate them to try something new and to experience the pleasure. 
The promotion of this action is adapted to young people. Through the involvement of female vloggers and radio DJ’s, we especially want to raise awareness among girls between 12 and 18 years old

Content and objectives: Research has already shown that the drop-out rate in this age group is very high, especially among girls. The most common reasons to stop exercising is lack of pleasure and the desire to do something else. Research shows that girls go to training less often than boys, especially in the 12 to 18 age bracket. Girls are also more vulnerable to drop-out in sport during puberty. Until the age of 12 there is little difference between the weekly sports participation of boys and girls, in the ages of 12 to 18 we see that the weekly sports participation is lower among girls.
Having fun, experiencing success and gaining self-confidence are important motivations for girls. For most of them competition is not the most important motivation in sports. They attach more value to sports with other girls (of the same level) without having to be afraid of failing. With this in mind, we offer several sports that would encourage young people (especially girls) to try a new sport. We have also asked young girls who excel in those sports to be the role model of our campaign.
Previous activities have already shown that we can reach young people through social media and that vloggers play an important role in their lives. Because vloggers develop a friendly relationship over time with their followers, those young people see the vloggers as a reliable source of information.

Steps/activities of the practice: Once the concept and purpose of the action were defined, Flanders Sports agency started a study into those sports that attract young people between 12 and 18 years old. Subsequently, the federations involved were contacted to work out a sports programme together with them. This programme consisted of unique sport events and sport initiations during the month of May.
The next step was the search for suitable vloggers. This was done in collaboration with a communication agency. Sport Flanders Sports Agency finally decided to use a mix of popular female and male vloggers.
The third step was the collaboration with the radio station MNM. Figures show that this radio station has a great share of young listeners. At the request of Flanders Sports Agency, the campaign was not only promoted during the broadcasts, but also female radio DJs participated in the events.
For the promotion, a video was recorded in which a female DJ of MNM tries out a sport together with a female vlogger. This film was used on social media (see link to video).

Resources required: First, we had to answer these questions: What interests young people? How can we reach young people (mainly girls)? How can we influence or change their behaviour?
Financial means to reach these young people

Achievements and outcomes: With this campaign and this kind of communication we hoped that young people between 12 and 18 years old (with a focus on girls) will be stimulated to do sports again or to try something new. The campaigns on social media have reached about 750,000 people. The campaign on the radio reached 858,000 listeners.

Challenges and limitations: It is very difficult to measure the results. We don't know how many young people have effectively gone back to sports, or (re)joined a sports club.

Follow-up ideas and future plans: We plan a follow-up of the action in May 2019. We will continue the co-operation with female vloggers and radio DJs.

Further information:

Contact person: Jo Haentjens,

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