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Country: Norway

Organisation responsible: Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF)

Main topic addressed: Gender balance in Norwegian Sports Clubs

Type of resource/practice: Annual Survey for sport clubs in 53 Norwegian Sport Federations

Discipline: Multi-sport

Target group(s): Decision-makers in the field of sport

Timing: January each year

Language: Norwegian

Brief description of the practice: NIF presents the results of the Gender Survey each spring. All Norwegian sport federations and the Norwegian media are invited to this presentation. Each sport federation is given the opportunity to have an even more detailed report of their own organisation.

Content and objectives: There is a huge gender imbalance in Norwegian sport clubs. The goal is for gender balance among leaders in sport clubs to reflect the gender balance among the members. Memberships in sports clubs are 59 % men and 41 % women, while on the boards’ leading positions there are 76 % men and 24 % women. NIF hopes that the “Gender Survey” will highlight the imbalance and make sure that the Norwegian sport federations will be more active and work towards a better gender balance.

Steps/activities of the practice: 

  • NIF has developed a special reporting system where the sports clubs need to register information about the gender of their board leaders. The clubs will have to report each time they elect a new board.
  • NIF collects data from this reporting system each year (1 January) and presents the result in March each year.
  • Each sport federation is given the opportunity to have its own more detailed report.
  • The sport federations are supposed to use this report in order to work for better gender balance in their sport clubs.
  • The goal is to follow the development of gender balance as the survey will be carried out each year.

Resources required: 

  • Special designed data programme (name: Power BI Gender). Cost for development: Approximately 5.000 Euro.
  • Human resources in order to collect and understand the data, as well as support the sport federations in their work.

Achievements and outcomes: We hope that when the different sports organisations see how gender is represented, they want to work towards a better distribution. Through annual measurements we will be able to follow developments. In addition, we encourage special federations and regional sports associations to start mentoring and organise networking. This will also mean further financial support.

  • Each sport federation is given information about gender balance in their its sport clubs.
  • We will then have a real overview of the gender balance in Norwegian sport clubs.

Challenges and limitations: 

  • NIF trusts the sport clubs to provide correct information
  • Not all sport federations are interested in the detailed report for their organisation.

Follow-up ideas and future plans: NIF will make the annual presentation of the results at an event in order to push the sport federations to work even more with gender balance and focus on the topic.

Further information: Each year, NIF facilitates a survey on gender balance in sport clubs (executive board leaders) in order to give each Norwegian sport federation an update on the gender balance at a local level (sports clubs) in their organisation.

Contact person: Kari Vanebo,

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