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Sofia, Brussels, Vienna January 2019
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Regional training seminars

Three regional training seminars were held in the month of January 2019.

Each seminar was addressed to a group of six or seven of the nineteen countries participating in the data collection campaign and aimed at developing competencies and knowledge on gender equality in sports, focusing on how to develop sport policies and programmes, taking into consideration a gender mainstreaming strategy. The participants were involved in different ways, from presentations to practical exercises and discussions on case studies.

During these seminars, the national coordinators were also trained on how to implement and follow the data collection campaign in their respective countries.



 Collecting data on gender equality in sport on leadership, coaching, participation, media / communication and gender-based violence, so that progress can be monitored, allowing for comparisons between countries and between sports, and to help design evidence-based policies

 Producing concrete materials and developing activities, to support policy-making and driving for change


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