Back Advancing Responsible Media Representation - A Training Session for Media Professionals in Bulgaria

The national EQUIROM team in Bulgaria, in collaboration with the Programme Secretariat, successfully organised a one-day training session for media professionals on 28 September 2023, as part of the Joint CoE-EU Programme EQUIROM 'Equality and Freedom from Discrimination for Roma'.
Trainer Ms. Teodora Krumova

Trainer Ms. Teodora Krumova

Held in Sofia, this training session brought together a diverse group of participants, including journalists, reporters, editors, and camera operators, hailing from both Roma and non-Roma backgrounds. They represented various regions across Bulgaria as well as the city of Sofia. The primary objective of this training initiative was to promote responsible, inclusive, and equitable representation of the Roma community within the Bulgarian media landscape.

The training focused on enhancing the portrayal of Roma in the media, emphasizing the cultivation of a culture of tolerance, respect, and understanding. A particular emphasis was placed on recognizing the pivotal role of media in shaping public perceptions and narratives about the Roma community.

The training sessions were expertly conducted by a team of trainers, including Ms. Dilyana Giteva, the National Coordinator of EQUIROM for Bulgaria, Ms. Teodora Krumova, Roma activist from Bulgaria, and the esteemed journalists Ms. Maria Cheresheva and Ms. Maria Milkova. Their interactive sessions facilitated the exchange of experiences and fostered discussions on ethical journalism and responsible reporting. Participants had the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues and mutual learning experiences aimed at combatting stereotypes and ensuring a fair and professional portrayal of the Roma community.

Reflecting on the workshop's significance, Ms. Dilyana Giteva, National Coordinator of EQUIROM for Bulgaria, remarked, "This workshop represents a crucial step forward in our journey towards a more inclusive and equitable media landscape in Bulgaria. The enthusiasm and insights brought by each participant underscore the necessity and potential impact of such initiatives."

The success of this training workshop underscores the urgent need to address antigypsyism and hate speech within the media. The EQUIROM Programme remains steadfast in its dedication to spearheading transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing media ethics not only in Bulgaria but also on a broader scale.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants, trainers, and supporters for their unwavering commitment to promoting responsible and equitable media representation for the Roma community.

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