Results of projects in Ukraine

Infographic on the results 

2018 results ENGUKR

2017 results ENG UKR

2016 results ENG UKR

Current projects

  • strengthening the protection of national minorities in Ukraine ENG
  • further support for penitentiary reform in Ukraine ENG
  • freedom of media in Ukraine ENG
  • fight against corruption in UkraineENG

Information on completed projects

  • strengthening the implementation of European human rights standards in Ukraine ENG UKR
  • supporting free and fair elections ENG UKR
films on projects in ukraine films on projects in ukraine

UKRAINE: impact of project to support penitentiary reform


Short film showing how the CoE/EU project has improved human rights and rehabilitative services in Ukraine prisons, how it has trained prison staff and produced publications to help staff and prisoners.

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