EaP cybercrime units attend Europol-INTERPOL Conference

30 September - 2 October 2015 Hague

The latest information on cybercrime threats and trends, as well as the practical aspects of recent cybercrime cases, were discussed at the 3rd Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference (September 30 – October 2 2015) held in the Hague. Experts in cybercrime from Eastern Partnership countries...

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Georgian Bar Association legislative and regulatory framework

7 October 2015 Tbilisi

The Council of Europe has provided expertise to identify gaps in the Georgian Bar Association legislative and regulatory framework. Two European experts provided a thorough assessment of existing legal framework and presented recommendations. Primary aim of these recommendations is twofold:...

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A new framework of internal prison inspection presented in Ukraine

23 September 2015 Kyiv

The new framework of internal prison inspection was presented to the senior officials of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine (SPSU) and the Heads and Deputies of pilot prisons heads in Kyiv on 23 September 2015. A feasible European model was proposed. Initial examples on inspection...

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Ukraine prison management issues discussed at a workshop

25 Septmeber 2015 Kyiv

The workshop's objective was to foster an appreciation for the importance of prison leadership styles, managing transition and concepts of prison as a tool for rehabilitation. A range of issues on the agenda included prison management and leadership, rehabilitative approaches, inspection as a...

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Opening conference for regional dialogue on judicial reform in EaP countries

10 September 2015 Strasbourg

The Conference provided a broad forum for exchanging information and ideas on recent developments, outstanding challenges and lessons learned on judicial reform processes in Council of Europe member states and for sharing information on on-going judicial reform processes in the Eastern...

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First meeting of steering group on judicial reform in EaP countries

11 September 2015 Strasbourg

The first meeting of the Regional Steering Group of the project on regional dialogue on judicial reform in the EaP countries, took place in Strasbourg on 11 September 2015 The Regional Steering Group, gathering representatives from judiciaries, ministries of justice and bar associations of...

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PCF projects for Armenia presented to press

1 October 2015 Yerevan

The Council of Europe and European Union presented a series of new projects for Eastern Partnership countries, including Armenia, to the media in Yerevan. The media were introduced to the four projects which are being carried out in Armenia under the Programmatic Cooperation Framework in...

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Support to the Moldovan Bar Association: advancing clients’ privacy and data protection

16 September 2015 Chisinau

On 16 September 2015, the PCF project on "Strengthening the efficiency of justice and support to lawyers’ profession in the Republic of Moldova” organised a workshop on clients’ privacy and personal data protection for the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of the Moldovan Bar Association as a...

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Support to the Moldovan Bar Association: enhanced self-governance through strategic planning

18-19 September 2015 Chisinau

On 18-19 September, the "Support to the Moldovan Bar Association" component of the PCF Project on Strengthening the efficiency of justice and support to lawyers’ profession in the Republic of Moldova organised a two day workshop on strategic planning for the Moldovan lawyers’ profession. The...

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Meeting for Azerbaijani-speaking minority in Georgia

4 September 2015 Bolnisi

On 4 September 2015, the Council of Europe, in co-operation with national and local authorities as well as other local partners, organised an information meeting in Bolnisi on the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) for the speakers of the Azerbaijani language residing in...

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Launch of a new project on criminal justice and fight against ill-treatment and impunity in Armenia

30 September 2015 Yerevan

What are the challenges faced by the Armenian criminal justice system? How can the application of European human rights standards in this field be improved at the national level? These are core issues of the new European Union /Council of Europe Project “Supporting the criminal justice reform and...

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Working together to improve human rights in Ukraine

7 August 2015

The first meeting of the ad-hoc working group to develop model instructions on measures to prevent ill-treatment of persons under state control, by law enforcement and other government officials, as well as a procedure for effective investigation of relevant claims based on decisions of the...

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Human rights training in Ukraine

15 August 2015 Strasbourg

A consultant group of academics and acting judges has been established to design a distance learning course for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) in Ukraine on “Evidence and proof”. The course will contain lectures, presentations, case-studies and visual materials. Other HELP...

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Recomendations on Ukraine police laws


A legal opinion on the Ukrainian draft Laws: “National Police” and “Internal Affairs Bodies” have been prepared by international experts, Mr Ralph Roche and Mr Francesc Guillen Lassierra. The legal opinion contains in-depth analysis of the key provisions of both draft laws and recommendations for...

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Human rights study visit for judges and lawyers from Azerbaijan

15-16 September 2015 Strasbourg

A group of future trainers of the Academy of Justice of Azerbaijan will participate in a two-day study visit to the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe, 15-16 September 2015. The visit aims to provide the participants with an in-depth insight into the functioning of the...

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Eastern Partnership parliamentarians to discuss human rights

21-22 September 2015 Tbilisi, Georgia

On 21-22 September, members of parliaments fom five Eastern Partnership countries will participate in a seminar to discuss the role of national parliaments in implementing the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights. Parliamentarians from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of...

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Human rights study visit of Georgian judges

14-16 September 2015 Strasbourg

On 14-16 September, a delegation of Georgian judges will participate in a study visit to the Council of Europe including the European Court of Human Rights. This study visit aims to increase the judges' awareness of the European Convention of Human Rights standards and their application. It will...

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Launch of court efficiency coaching programme using CEPEJ tools in the pilot courts

1-4 September 2015 Moldova

On 1-3 September, experts from the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) visited three more pilot courts (Soroca Sector Court, Cahul Appellate Court and Ialoveni Sector Court) and discussed the current court management practices and the level of implementation of CEPEJ tools...

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Fighting cybercrime together

9-11 September 2015 Bucharest

How can Eastern Partnership countries work together to fight cybercrime? This is the topic that will be discussed at a project launch event in Bucharest, Romania (9-11 September 2015). Subject-matter experts in judicial and police cooperation from the six EAP countries Armenia, Azerbaijan,...

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Working together on judicial reform in the Eastern Partnership countries

10 September 2015 Strasbourg

On 10 September 2015, the Opening Conference of the Process for Regional Dialogue on Judicial reform in the Eastern Partnership Countries will be held in Strasbourg. The Conference will serve as an launching event for the project on regional dialogue on judicial reform. The project will gather...

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