Support to the Moldovan Bar Association: learning from the Croatian Bar Association experience

18-19 November 2015 Zagreb

A study visit of a delegation of the Moldovan Bar Association to the Croatian Bar Association (CBA) was organised on 18-19 November 2015. The objective of the study visit was to learn from best practices on lawyers self-governance from a European Bar Association through direct peer to peer...

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Support to the Moldovan Bar Association: training cycle management - key to a successful training policy

11 November 2015 Chisinau

A workshop to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Training Cycle Management and its four phases (analysis, design, delivery and evaluation), to share best practise on how to conduct a training needs assessment was held in Chisinau on 11 November 2015. This workshop forms part of the...

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Support to the Moldovan Bar Association: integrating human rights based approach in policies and practices

10 November 2015 Chisinau

A half-a-day workshop was held on integrating a human rights based approach into the Moldovan lawyers’ profession, on 10 November in Chisinau. The objectives of the workshop were to upgrade the knowledge of participants on the human rights based approach, share best practices in integrating the...

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Strengthening integrity in Armenian Higher Education

16-17 November 2015 Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

A new short film has been made to present the work of the Council of Europe and European Union project: Strengthening Integrity and Combatting Corruption in Higher Education in Armenia A conference on this subject was held on 16-17 November, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and...

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Georgian Mayors - leaders for change

24-26 November 2015 Tbilisi, Georgia

The Congress organised, in close co-operation with the National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG), a workshop “Mayors – Leaders for change” in Tbilisi on 24–26 November 2015. This workshop provided a platform for exchange on local democracy where mayors exchanged best practices...

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Call for expression of interest for local short-term consultants

19 November 2015 Azerbaijan

The Council of Europe's Directorate General of Human Rights and the Rule of law has issued a call for interest for local short term consultants for the Council of Europe and European Union's joint project: support to increased efficiency of courts, improved training of judges and judicial...

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PCF national coordinators 2nd information meeting

12-13 November 2015 Strasbourg

The national coordinators for the Progammatic Cooperation Framework for Eastern Partnership countries attended the 2nd information meeting in Strasbourg (12-13 November 2015). They discussed the implementation of the PCF projects in 2015 as well as the draft Annual Plan of Action for 2016. Photos...

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President of Georgia supporting freedom of lawyers' profession

7 November 2015 Tbilisi, Georgia

The Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Georgian Bar Association, has provided support in organizing an international conference on ‘Freedom of Lawyers’ Profession and Institutional Guarantees’, where participants discussed current challenges faced by the lawyers’ profession and shared...

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Anti-discrimination project in Moldova

13 November 2015 Chisinau

A new joint programme of the Council of Europe and European Union: 'Supporting national efforts for prevention and combating discrimination in Moldova' will be launched in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on 13 November 2015. The main objective of the project is to support the alignment of Human...

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Georgian lawyers and judges sit together to discuss civil proceedings

27 October 2015 Tbilisi

A workshop on civil proceedings was organised on 27 October in Tbilisi to enable judges and lawyers to have an open discussion and to facilitate common understanding of the issues that stem from judicial case law. Two local judges, Ms Natia Gudjabidze and Ms Keti Meskhishvili provided a thorough...

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Improving media coverage of elections in Azerbaijan

23 October 2015 Baku

A workshop on media coverage of elections was held in Baku on 23 October 2015. The event included representatives of national authorities, media, civil society and international organizations, as well as 22 journalists, including 4 from the regions. The event aimed to raise awareness among...

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Media Advisory

Presentation of PCF projects to media in Georgia

6 November 2015 Tbilisi

Council of Europe and the European Union presented eight projects to be implemented in Georgia in the next two years to the media in Tbilisi on 6 November 2015. In addition to these country-specific projects, Georgia also participates in 14 regional actions covering several Eastern Partnership...

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Good practices for women's access to justice in EaP countries

30 October 2015 Kvareli, Georgia

A regional conference on 'Improving women's access to justice in five Eastern Partnership countries' will take place on 5-6 November in Kvareli, Georgia. The conference will promote and debate issues related to women’s access to justice, exchange good practices and discuss further action in the...

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Media advisory

Presentation of PCF projects to media in Kyiv

3 November 2015 Kyiv

On Tuesday, 3 November, the Council of Europe presented to the media in Kyiv four large-scale projects, which will be implemented in Ukraine in the next two years, on strengthening human rights standards, advancing penitentiary reform, fighting corruption and supporting elections in Ukraine In...

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Enhancing human rights protection in Georgia

29 October 2015 Tbilisi

A new joint project of the Council of Europe and European Union - Application of the European Convention on Human Rights and harmonisation of national legislation and judicial practice in Georgia in line with European Standards –part of the Eastern Partnership Programmatic Co-operation Framework...

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Court coaching in pilot courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan

19-23 October 2015 Azerbaijan

The court coaching programme for implementation of CEPEJ tools was launched in the pilot courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan In the framework of the PCF Project “Support to Increased Efficiency of Courts, Improved Training of Judges and Judicial Self-governance in Azerbaijan”, funded by the...

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All-Ukrainian seminar for teachers and teacher trainers "Education for Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship"

26 October 2015 Irpin, Ukraine

The Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, is beginning a series of training seminars for trainers and teachers on human rights education and education for democratic citizenship. The seminars will be held within the framework of the EU/CoE Joint...

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PCF presentation to press in Chişinău

29 October 2015 Chisinau

On Thursday 29 October, the European Union and the Council of Europe presented to the media in Chişinău five projects, which will be implemented in the Republic of Moldova in the next two years. The total budget for the implementation of these projects is of 2.5 million EUR. The European Union...

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Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom in Azerbaijan

29 September 2015 Baku, Azerbaijan

Within the framework of the EU/CoE PCF Project “Freedom of expression and media freedom” the Council of Europe organised the Launching Event and Roundtable on Access to Information, which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan on September 29, 2015. The event included representatives of national...

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Presentation to the press in Baku

27 October 2015 Baku, Azerbaijan

The European Union and Council of Europe presented projects for journalists, judiciary, administration and legal professionals in Azerbaijan to local media this morning. Dragana FILIPOVIC, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Baku; Ambassador Malena MARD, Head of European Union Delegation to...

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