Increasing the number of medical staff trained on documenting injuries

13 February 2017 Tbilisi

On 4-6 February 2017 the Council of Europe Office in Georgia and European Union Delegation organised two day training sessions for the doctors working in the temporary detention isolators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. During the training the participants received the...

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First training programme in Georgia for psychiatric nurses

14 February 2017 Tbilisi

The Council of Europe Office in Georgia and European Union Delegation are assisting the Georgian government in developing the first of its kind of programme in Georgia for psychiatric nurses. A team of international and national experts has developed a first draft of the programme which was...

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Two Executive training sessions on Enhancing Public (Financial) Governance and Management in European Cities

20 February 2017 Vienna

The Council of Europe (Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform) is organising two high-level executive trainings on Enhancing Public (Financial) Governance and Management in European Cities on 6-7 March (for participants from Moldova) and 9-10 March (for participants from Armenia) 2017 in...

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Grant for distance learning for Police Academy staff

21 February 2017 Tbilisi

The Head of Council of Europe Office in Georgia and the Rector of Police Academy signed a Grant Agreement aimed at supporting the development of a distance learning course for the staff of Temporary Detention Isolators. The training programme is expected to equip participants with theoretical...

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Staff of the Supreme Court of Georgia has better understanding of Anti- Discrimination Standards

11-12 Februarz 2017 Georgia

On 11-12 February, 2017 Council of Europe, within the EU funded project, organized two-day training on Elimination of Discrimination based on European Standards for Supreme Court Judge Assistants. Training was delivered by national and international experts with the purpose to advance skills and...

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How to inspire all teachers by Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

19-22 February 2017 Chisinau

Within the CoE/EU Programme “Promoting Human Rights Education and Democratic Citizenship in Eastern Partnership countries”, a workshop for educators is being organised 19-22 February 2017 in Chisinau, Moldova. 35 primary school heads, teachers and educators from different regions of Moldova are...

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Azeri pilot courts undertook a number of innovative steps to consolidate their efficiency and quality

20 February 2017 Baku

Five pilot courts of Azerbaijan, including two appellate courts (Sumgayit and Sheki) and three first instance courts (Yasamal (district of Baku), Oghuz and Sumgayit administrative-economic court), are actively engaged in improving their own management and quality of services in line with...

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200 prison staff from all parts of Georgia trained on managing prisoners with mental health problems

7-15 February 2017 Georgia

From 7 to 15 February, the Council of Europe and European Union organised training sessions for 8 groups of prison directors and other non-medical personnel of the penitentiary system on managing prisoners with mental health problems. In total, up to 200 participants were trained from different...

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The 4th Project Coordination Committee Meeting

31 January 2017 Kyiv

The 4th Project Coordination Committee meeting was held in Kyiv on 31 January 2017 to report on progress made over the last 6 months and to share the plans for the next half a year. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Parliamentary...

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Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and Heads of Pilot Prisons Studied Scottish Experience in Resocialisation of Inmates

16-20 January 2017 Edinburgh

The Ukrainian decision makers and the Heads or Deputy Heads of three pilot prisons participated in a study visit in Edinburgh, Scotland from 16 to 20 January 2017. The visit was organised in the framework of the “Further Support for Penitentiary Reform in Ukraine 2015-2017” project which is...

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Training of Senior Management of Adjara Public Service Broadcaster

20 February 2017 Kakheti Region

Within the EU/CoE Joint Project “Promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media” the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Adjara TV Public Service Broadcaster held two day training for Top Management of Adjara TV station. The training took place on 14-15 February 2017 at hotel...

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Regional civil society project comes to a successful end

20 February 2017 Strasbourg

The closing meeting of the regional project “Civil Participation in Political Decision-Making in the Eastern Partnership Region” funded within the ‘Programmatic Cooperation Framework’ (PCF) will take place in Strasbourg on 21 and 22 February 2017. The Advisory Committee of the project will also...

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Steering committee approves 2017 work plan to strengthen local governance in EaP

9 February 2017 Strasbourg

The 3rd Steering Committee meeting of the project “Strengthening institutional frameworks for local governance” in the Eastern Partnership countries under the EU/CoE Programmatic Cooperation Framework took place on 26 January 2017 in Strasbourg. The meeting was attended by the appointed members:...

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Series of Seminars on Human Rights and Democracy in Primary Schools Launched in Azerbaijan

27-30 January Baku

The Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has launched a series of training seminars on human rights education and education for democratic citizenship for trainers and teachers. The first series of seminars is held within the framework of...

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Dialogue between law enforcement and Internet industry in Ukraine

8-9 February 2017 Kyiv

The issue of proper legislative basis for law enforcement access to data held by private service providers extends beyond obvious need for having proper safeguards and guarantees in this process. It is also an issue of building trust in terms of public-private cooperation on cybercrime and...

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Pilot courts in Moldova report on results of implementing the efficiency of justice tools and lessons learned

6 February Chisinau

Experts of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) conducted a mission to the Republic of Moldova, on 31 January - 1 February 2017. The expert team met with representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the Superior Council of Magistrates and six pilot courts, who reported...

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Cascade training seminars for advocates in Azerbaijan

6 February 2017 Baku

Two cascade training seminars were organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Academy of Justice and the Collegium of Advocates of Azerbaijan, which took place in Baku on 24-25 January and 26-27 January 2017. The trainings were dedicated to admissibility criteria in applications...

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Cascade training sessions on medical ethics and health promotion activities

1 February 2017 Yerevan

The first round of cascade training sessions on Medical Ethics and Health prevention and promotion activities in prisons started on Monday, 16 January 2017 in collaboration with the Law Institute of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia. The cascade training sessions are based on curricula developed...

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Training on 'Rule of Law On-line' for judges

21 December 2016 Kyiv

To promote the internet governance, the CoE/EU Eastern Partnership Programmatic Cooperation Framework Project “Freedom of media in Ukraine” in partnership with National School of Judges of Ukraine held a two-day training for judges on 7-8 December 2016. The course aimed at developing knowledge...

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Training on Human Rights and the Internet' for policy-makers

21 December 2016 Kyiv

Over 40 public officials and policy-makers responsible for development and implementation of Internet governance policy took part in the training "Internet and Human Rights On-line" which was organised by the Council of Europe under the support of the CoE/EU Eastern Partnership Programmatic...

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