The CoE-EU Eastern Partnership Facility helped to provide support to enhance the reform processes in the six partner countries through a multilateral approach and brought EaP partner countries closer to the Council of Europe and EU standards and practice in the field of judicial reform, elections, the fight against corruption and cybercrime.

The Facility supported the EaP countries’ reforms by providing:

  • a framework for capacity development and training;
  • technical assistance and advice for sustaining on going reforms.
  • a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise among participating countries;


The Facility enhanced domestic judicial reform and improved electoral standards and reinforced the fight against corruption and cybercrime by encouraging in particular the sharing of ideas and expertise at regional level. It also provided a framework for multilateral activities, such as capacity development and training.

The Facility:

  • revised legal framework and supported to apply new legislation in line with European standards;
  • strengthened judiciary and electoral reforms against corruption and cybercrime;
  • established national and regional co-operation and a national unit on cybercrime;
  • involved civil society in making decisions and reinforced a regional network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

During the operational period, 96 actions were conducted in the framework of the CoE Facility in the following areas: promoting judicial reform (15); supporting good governance and combating corruption (29); fighting cybercrime (25); enhancing electoral standards (19); and maintaining Facility co-ordination (8).