Good governance and the fight against corruption


This project aims at promoting good governance and strengthening the capacities of the public administration and criminal justice sector to prevent and fight corruption and economic crime, in line with CoE conventions and other international treaties. Furthermore it will:


  • Build and strengthen further capacities of Eastern Partnership countries to design policy and prevention measures;
  • Provide countries with the tools for effective law enforcement and policies in the area of economic crime and good governance;
  • Ensure that countries efficiently apply and implement European and international standards by also engaging through regional dialogue.


Regional reviews will be conducted to seek good practices that will then be shared in the region through technical and legal advice and through specialised training. Furthermore, specifically tailored assistance and support will be given on:


  • Conflict of interest, declaration of assets, financing of political parties;
  • Anti-corruption policies, as well as monitoring and implementing national structures;
  • Legal framework and tools for efficient investigation and prosecution of economic crime and white collar crime cases;
  • Methodologies concerning the typologies on identifying the underlying causes of corruption and laundering of proceeds of crime;
  • Standards concerning detection, investigation and criminalisation of economic and financial crimes.


The beneficiaries and main stakeholders are governmental bodies at all levels (especially justice and interior ministries and those responsible for public administration); parliaments; public bodies with specific responsibilities (such as anti-corruption and anti-money laundering); prosecution services; central electoral commissions; ombudsmen; judicial professions and judiciary supervisory bodies; media, and civil society.

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Ms Ardita Abdiu
Council of Europe Team Leader for the Corruption component of the Eastern Partnership Facility
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