Enhancing judicial reform


The aims of this project are:

  • To identify the legal and practical obstacles to the implementation of European standards as regards judicial reform in the six countries through information exchange, best practice sharing and hands-on experience;

  • To formulate recommendations to address these obstacles and disseminate them at the national level, with a view to adjusting national reform policies in the judiciary field.

A series of round tables and seminars led by the Council of Europe will identify legal and practical obstacles to reform and create means of overcoming them through peer-to-peer advice, exchange of best practice, and development of specific tools, covering such issues as the role of judicial self-governing bodies in strengthening judicial independence, the criteria of appointment and dismissal of judges and prosecutors, the financing of the judiciary and how to tackle the excessive length of judicial proceedings.

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Ms Clementina Barbaro
Council of Europe Project Co-ordinator for the Judicial component of the Eastern Partnership Facility
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