The Council of Europe and the European Union developed a programme – officially known as a 'Facility' – to carry out cooperation activities on democracy, good governance and stability in the EU Eastern Partnership countries. With European Union funding of €4.8 million, the Facility ran from March 2011 until December 2014. This website is an archive of the work that was carried out through this programme which has now finished.

The Facility has been followed by the Programmatic Cooperation Framework for Eastern Partnership countries (PCF) which will be implemented in two phases: 2015‑2017 and 2018-2020.

Background Background

The aim of the Facility was to provide support to reform processes in the six EU partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus) and bring them closer to Council of Europe and European Union standards in core areas such as public administration and electoral standards; judicial reform; fighting cybercrime and corruption, and promoting good governance.

It provided a framework for addressing issues raised by Council of Europe monitoring and advisory bodies, for mobilising expertise and peer advice, and for facilitating exchanges of best practice among participating countries. It sustained the momentum for the process of reform in each country and provide technical assistance and advice through regional co-operation and activities organised at a multilateral level. It was divided into four projects:

Coordination Coordination

A CoE EaP Facility Steering Committee was created and enabled all the main partners involved (i.e. the CoE, the EU and the national authorities) to be provided with updated information on the projects’ implementation progress and to assess the impact of the CoE EaP Facility’s projects in the targeted areas.

The mission of the CoE EaP Facility Steering Committee was to assess and guide the CoE EaP Facility’s projects’ implementation, in order to: ensure that the deliverables meet the requirements which were set for the CoE EaP Facility, advise on decisions on the requirements for the CoE EaP Facility’s projects, assess the monitoring and audit results, and supervise a communication campaign following the visibility guidelines concerning, notably, acknowledgement of EU financing.

The CoE EaP Facility Steering Committee was composed of: European Union representatives, CoE EaP Facility National Co-ordinators for each EaP country and the CoE MAE’s involved in the CoE EaP Facility’s projects.

Three CoE EaP Facility Steering Committee meetings were organised during the last implementation period, with the aim of evaluating the CoE EaP Facility’s projects’ implementation, assessing the results achieved, reviewing and adjusting (if necessary) the work log frame for the CoE EaP Facility’s projects’ implementation.

The final CoE EaP Facility Steering Committee Meeting was held on 27 October in Brussels. The aim of this Meeting was to provide key stakeholders with updated information on the CoE EaP Facility implementation results and achievements for the period June - October 2014, and more importantly, to provide an overall and comprehensive assessment of the CoE EaP Facility’s results and achievements (2011-2014).