Deadline for application: 25 February 2019

Routes4Youth | Call for new members to join the network

8 February 2019 Luxembourg

Routes4Youth is a network of young professionals, which work on regional development through the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in the four EU macro-regions (Adriatic-Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea and Danube Region). In order to guarantee the attendance of young professionals from all the...

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Steering group meeting of the EUSBSR Policy Area Culture

Discussion on new Cultural Routes in the Baltic Sea Region

30 January 2019 Gdansk, Poland

The Steering Group of the Policy Area Culture of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region took place the 30 January 2019 in Gdansk, Poland. Constanze Metzger, Routes4U Senior Project Officer, presented the joint programme between the EU and the Council of Europe. One of the objective of Routes4U...

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Deadline for application: 10 February 2019

Routes4U Call for experts | Branding Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)

22 January 2019 Luxembourg

We are seeking professionals with a specific knowledge in the creation of a branding strategy and/or the implementation of a branding strategy. He/she should be aware of the different phases of a branding strategy, e.g. the brand audit phase, the brand development phase and the brand...

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Deadline for application: 4 February 2019

Routes4U Grants | Deadline reminder

8 January 2019 Luxembourg

Cultural Routes networks certified by the Council of Europe have until the 4 February 2019 to apply to the Routes4U Grants. Project proposals shall produce an added value in the domain of Cultural Routes and EU macro-regional strategies, helping to enhance the common identity within the...

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Routes4U Christmas gift

Meet with the Santa from the Baltic Sea Region

December 2018 Baltic Sea Region

Odin is one of the most important god in the Viking mythology, the “Allfather” of the gods. The long-bearded Odin was known to visit homes at night during Norse winter season of Yule to leave gifts for children, flying through the sky on a cart pulled by his 8-legged flying horse. Norse children...

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Routes4U Christmas gift

Can a Roman Emperor from the Danube Region be at the origins of Christmas day?

December 2018 Danube Region

Aurelian, born in present-day Serbia, was a Roman Emperor known as the "Restorer of the World" or Restitutor Orbis. Aurelian strengthened the position of the Sun god, Sol Invictus, as the main divinity of the Roman pantheon. And guess what? It was celebrated on December 25, which is also the date...

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Routes4U Christmas Gift

Alpine Region: Protestant’s traditions led to chocolates behind the windows!

December 2018 Alpine Region

The Advent calendar is a way a counting the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. This tradition comes from German protestants in the 19th century. Gerhard Lang (1881-1974), son of a Swabian parishioner, popularized this tradition at the beginning of the 20th century through a printed...

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Routes4U Christmas gift

The Adriatic-Ionian Region, cradle of the nativity scene tradition

December 2018 Adriatic-Ionian Region

It is believed that Saint Francis of Assisi is at the origins of the first nativity scene on Christmas Eve. In the 13th century, he setted up a living nativity scene, with humans and animals performing around an empty manger, the feeding trough of farm animals which served as Jesus’ crib. Either...

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Information session on the Routes4U call for proposal

12 December 2018 Online

An online information session for the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe will take place on Wednesday 12 December 2018 (10:00 am UTC+1) on the Routes4U call for proposal to strengthen sustainable regional development in the EU macro-regions (Adriatic-Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea and Danube...

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EUSAIR workshop on Cultural Tourism and Local Identity

30 November 2018 Athens, Greece

Organized by the Greek Ministry of Tourism with the support of the Greek Ministry of Economy and Development (EUSAIR Facility Point - Greece), the EUSAIR workshop on "Cultural Tourism and Local Identity" took place on the 30 November 2018 in Athens, Greece. The workshop foccussed on the EUSAIR...

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