Executive Secretary, Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes

The Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (EPA) was established in 2010 to ensure the implementation of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme. As of November 2019, there are 33 EPA member States.

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Constanze METZGER
Routes4U Senior Project Officer

The Senior Project Manager is responsible for the coordination, planning and organization of the operational activities and their financial implications, inter alia the research on regional development through the Cultural Routes.

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Routes4U Information Officer

The Information Officer ensures the implementation of the communication and information strategy, inter alia press releases, media liaison and the content of the webpage.

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Routes4U Project Assistant

The Project Assistant assists in the implementation of project’s activities and ensures the administrative assistance to the project, inter alia the support in the financial management.

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EPA on Cultural Routes, Council of Europe

European Institute of Cultural Routes
28 rue Münster

L-2160 Luxembourg

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