ATRIUM PLUS Project: Young People, today’s actors of their city history

Italy and Croatia

ATRIUM PLUS Project explores new ways of ethical and responsible storytelling and tourism experiences for students, raising awareness on the ATRIUM Cultural Route. ATRIUM PLUS is funded by the Interreg Italy-Croatia Pogramme and involves five partners located in Italy (Bari, Ferrara and Forlì) and Croatia (Labin and Zadar).

In Forlì, the Memowalk ATRIUM Plus was developed by young people for young people. Students from the G.B. Morgagni High School created a “story-telling” tour of the city, offering anunderstanding of fascism in an entertaining way. Their peers are invited to stroll around 6 points of interest in the city built under the Fascist Regime. In the meantime, they discover the life of two Italian friends during the Fascism Regime in the 30’s. The walk is punctuated by images and sounds devices. This cultural tourism product allows younger generations to have a better understanding of their history and heritage and invite them to become active actors of their future.


  • ATRIUM Plus Project webpage
  • ATRIUM Plus Project leaflet
  • Memowalk ATRIUM Plus Map (in italian)
  • Memowalk ATRIUM Plus Brochure (in italian)