“Voices of Exiles”: Speak up your mind

Alpine Region , 

The 8th edition of the event “Voices of Exiles” took place from 18th – 21st October 2018. The thematic was: “Tout un art” and put forward the stories of refugees artists. This edition wanted to give a voice to talented artists forced to leave their country and who found refuge in France. Through their art, be in painting, singing, dancing, writing, film shooting, music composition… the various artists shared a part of their story, a part of themselves and tried to reconstruct themselves.

The four-day event combined exhibitions, live shows, visits and hikes, narratives, theatre, reading and singing taking place in history-steeped places such as beautiful hilltop villages or simply in natural settings like the foret de Saoû. In memory of the Huguenots and Waldensians’ exile and in resonance with the present time, this edition pays tribute to men and women forced to leave their country because they tried to voice their freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, and freedom of action, often in opposition to the authorities of their country, to human migrations, past and present. An intergenerational and international event, at the crossroads of several publics

The project was initiated by Dieulefit Bourdeaux and Val de Drôme (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) inter-municipalities and their tourist offices. The project is backed by the Association Nouvelles du Conte, along with local partners.

Brochure (in French)

Huguenots and Waldensian trail website (French)