The Emerald Network evaluation to be kicked-off in 2015

May 2015 Tbilisi, Georgia
The Emerald Network evaluation process will be kicked-off in 2015. This evaluation takes the form of a series of so-called Emerald Biogeographical Seminars. A first Seminar objective is to agree on the reference list for species and habitats for each of the countries targeted by the meeting.

Second interim progress report

April 2015 Strasbourg, France
The project management team prepared a second interim progress report. It presents the results achieved mid-term through the project implementation and informs on cooperation between national authorities and the NGO sector in the target countries.

Year 2015 Calendars focussing on the Emerald Network

January 2015
Two national Emerald teams produced a Year 2015 Calendar focussing on the Emerald Network in their countries. The Republic of Moldova illustrated their Calendar 2015 with a map indicating their national Emerald Network areas.

Map of proposed Emerald sites by February 2014

October 2014 Strasbourg, France
In February 2014, the proposed Emerald Network in the seven project target countries from Central and Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus covered approximately 40 000 km2 or 9.2% of the total target country territories.

National events for 2014 completed

June 2014 Strasbourg, France
One national event was organised in each of the project target countries, aiming at analysing the currently proposed Emerald Network at national level and debating future work and action towards acheiving the project objectives.

First interim progress report

June 2014 Strasbourg, France
A first progress report informs on the outcomes of the project after 16 months of implementation. It covers the period between the project start in October 2012 and February 2014.

Project results for 2013 in Belarus available now

February 2014 Minsk, Belarus
The national Emerald team in Belarus succesfully finalised the project implementation in the country for 2013. The country identified 4 new sites which are suitable to join the Emerald Network, thus bringing the number of potential sites to 16. A full report on the project implementation in the country for 2013 is available on the country webapge.

Project results for 2013 in Ukraine available now

February 2014 Kiev, Ukraine
The Ukrainian Emerald team leader prepared a report presenting the achievements of the Network setting-up in the country during 2013. The team achieved to significantly increase the total number of areas identified as suitable to joint the Emerald Network from 149 in 2012 to 159 in 2013. The proposed Emerald sites in the country now cover a territory much bigger than the one covered by the existing national protected areas in Ukraine, 7.4% vs. 6%. For more details on the results in Ukraine,...

Project results for 2013 in Georgia available now

February 2014 Tbilisi, Georgia
NACRES, the Emerald project implementer in Georgia prepared an extensive report on the activities implemented in the country during 2013 and on the results achieved. The NGO NACRES, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources and the national Agency of Protected Areas (APA), have achieved to succesfully implement a very ambitious work programme and to bring the number of areas suitable to join the Emerald Network from 20 in 2012 to 21 in 2013. For...

Project results for 2013 in the Republic of Moldova available now

February 2014 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2013 has been a busy year for the national Emerald team in Moldova. Aside from working hard on the finalisation of the country database and identifying and gatering ecological information on a new potential Emerald site in the country (1 additional site to the 17 identified already in 2012), the team engaged in various dissemiantion and visbility activities. These targetted mostly the youth, through the school and academia networks, as well as coopeartion activities with other international...
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