Workshop on Feasibility Study Development

24 November 2016 Library of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia

On 24 November 2016, COMUS international expert Alexandra Kruse held a one-day workshop on Feasibility Study Development at the library of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. Pilot town PIU representatives and local experts involved in the preparation of the Feasibility Study presented their...

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Street Art Workshop in Chiatura

12-13 November 2016 Chiatura, georgia

On 12-13 November 2016, the Chiatura Culture House hosted the two-day workshop for kids on street art and stencilling. Pupils from local art schools were introduced to the theory and practice of stencil art by the artists/lecturers and graduates of the State Academy of Fine Arts. COMUS and its...

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Expert visit and training on Feasibility Studies

2-3 November 2016 Dusheti, Georgia

On 2-3 November, Dusheti Municipality hosted two day training on feasibility studies introduced by the Council of Europe’s expert, Ms. Marina Neagu. This training brought representatives of Dusheti and Chiatura PIUs, national and local experts as well as members of the Dusheti LSG together. The...

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Workshop: Dusheti Historical Park rehabilitation

18 October 2016 Dusheti, Georgia

On 18 October 2016, the COMUS Local Stakeholders Group hosted an international workshop chaired by Mr. Vazha Chokheli, Governor of Dusheti Municipality, in order to discuss the project design for the rehabilitation of Dusheti historical park. The event, co-organized by the National Agency for...

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Workshops with students of High School and Building College, Mstislav

13-14 October 2016 Mstislav (Belarus)

COMUS Workshops were organized by Mstislav Project Manager, in cooperation with local teachers and with the participation of the Project Officer and the Local Expert, aiming at identifying a vision of local young people on heritage and its role for the city’s development. This Workshops had...

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Gyumri: Heritage walk in the framework of FARO

24 September 2016 Gyumri, Armenia

On September 24th, Gyumri COMUS PIU organised a Heritage walk in the framework of FARO. The latter focused on Gyumri educational institutions from the 19th century till now. The initiative aimed at getting participants familiarized with the different educational institutions throughout the city’s...

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Creative Exhibition Inaugurated in Soroca

beginning of September 2016 Soroca, Republic of Moldova

As part of the community-involvement activities, in the beginning of September 2016, the COMUS team in Moldova launched the creative contest for children “Cultural landmarks of Soroca”. The contest aimed to raise awareness about local heritage values among children and was organized in...

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Faro walks in Goris: rain did not make them stop walking

25 September 2016 Goris, Armenia

A Faro walk was organized in Goris (Armenia), on 25 September, at the central GrigorTatevatsi Square. Despite the cloudy and rainy weather, the event counted on the participation of around 60 participants which included students, teachers and many other interested community members. At the...

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4th Regional Workshop on Heritage Management in Armenia

22-23 September 2016 Yerevan and Gyumri (Armenia)

The 4th Regional Workshop on Heritage Management which took place in Yerevan and Gyumri (Armenia), on 22-23 September 2016, gathered around 25 COMUS pilot town representatives together in order to introduce their respective heritage management local units. Mr. Matthias Ripp, the World Heritage...

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Soroca Reference Plan adopted by the local City Council

16 August 2016 Soroca, Republic of Moldova

On 16 August 2016, the Ordinary Meeting of the City Council took place in Soroca. The Reference Plan elaborated during the COMUS Planning Phase was on the meeting’s Agenda. Mr. Grigore Gutu, the chief architect of the city and COMUS LSG coordinator, introduced the final version of the Reference...

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