Vazha Chokheli, Governor of Dusheti municipality: "COMUS will create the right conditions to elaborate efficient strategies for urban development."

Dusheti, Georgia

"In our view, COMUS will create the right conditions for the historic towns, like Dusheti, to elaborate efficient strategies for urban development, based on heritage resources in towns, with the active participation of local citizens, reflecting their vision for the future. We expect that the...

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Sulkhan Makhatadze, Governor of Chiatura Municipality: "We hope that COMUS will assist in transforming our heritage assets into a resource for economic development."

Chiatura, Georgia

"I am happy that Chiatura, which is a unique town from the point of view of cultural heritage, was selected as a pilot town for COMUS, and thus, became partner with the Organization of World Heritage Cities. During the next two years, we look forward to implementing new methodologies and...

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Victor Său, Mayor of Soroca: "By implementing COMUS tools, we will reaffirm the city’s role as regional cultural centre."

Soroca, Republic of Moldova

"Soroca is one of the three cities in Moldova to be declared a historic city even back in the soviet period. Even though interventions and processes that occurred in the past half of the century significantly reduced its image of historic town, we believe that this aspect is still very important...

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First Local Stakeholders Group (LSG) meeting in Soroca

10/11/2015 Soroca, Republic of Moldova

On 10 October, the Palace of Culture of Soroca hosted the first LSG meeting within the COMUS project. The event brought together official national and local authorities who manage cultural heritage, as well as representatives of the local community in Soroca. The State Secretary of the Ministry...

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Launch of the Community-led Urban Strategies in Historic

17-18/09/2015 Tbilisi (Georgia)

The joint project European Union and Council of Europe "Community-Led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns" (COMUS) was officially launched during the regional conference which took place in Tbilisi (Georgia) on 17-18 September 2015. COMUS was presented together with the other cultural initiatives...

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