International Scientific Conference on Romanian cultural heritage

15-17 June 2016 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

On 15-17 June 2016, Chisinau hosted the International Conference: “The Romanian cultural heritage: management, restoration and enhancement problems”. Ms. Monica Babuc, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, opened the floor, followed by Mr. Sergiu Nistor, Presidential adviser in the...

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Final discussion on Dusheti Reference Plan, LSG working meeting

31 May 2016 Dusheti, Georgia

On 31 May, the cultural centre of Dusheti hosted an LSG working meeting aiming at discussing the final version of Dusheti Reference Plan and selecting potential actions for the upcoming Project Phase. The first Deputy Governor of Dusheti Mr. Beka Gharibashvili introduced the final Reference...

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Public hearing on Dusheti Boulevard rehabilitation

23 May 2016 Dusheti, Georgia

On 23 May the Dusheti Municipality hosted a public discussion on the rehabilitation of Dusheti Boulvard, attended by the governor of Dusheti Mr. Vazha Chokheli, the project team, the representative of the Municipal Development Fund and responsible for the project and citizens from Dusheti. This...

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Drafting of the COMUS reference plan of Goris (Armenia)

30 March 2016 Goris, Armenia

On 30th March, the Municipality of GORIS hosted the 7th meeting of the COMUS planning phase, which counts on the participation of the Mayor of Goris, Mr. V. Adunts, the Deputy Mayor of Goris, Mr. G. Bolyan, the COMUS Lead Expert, Mr. Philip Stein, the COMUS Armenia Lead Expert, Ms. Sarhat...

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Chisinau hosted training for managers and beneficiaries of the program “Community-led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns”

11-12 May 2016 Chisinau (Republic of Moldova)

On 11 and 12 May, 2016 in the framework of the “Community-led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns” (COMUS), Chisinau (Moldova) hosted the second training for the leaders of the program of pilot citiescoordinators and team members of local beneficiaries formed in the communities. The training was...

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Olga Popenko, Mayor of Pryluky: "Participation in the COMUS project is one more step for promoting our town at national and international level."

Pryluky, Ukraine

"Participation in the COMUS project is one more step for promoting our town at national and international level, supporting and developing our cultural heritage. First of all, we are interested in European cities’ experience in cultural heritage to use as a basic asset for local development....

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Petro Vykhopen, Mayor of Zhovkva: "We see in the COMUS project a favourable opportunity to awaken different groups of residents in community development"

Zhovkva, Ukraine

"We see in the COMUS project a favourable opportunity to awaken and mobilize different groups of residents in community development using its main asset which is the cultural heritage. I think that our main interest is that we could get efficient tools for local policy development as...

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First Heritage Walk organised in Soroca as part of COMUS

2 March 2016 Soroca, Republic of Moldova

On Wednesday 2 March, a first Heritage Walk was organised in Soroca as part of the COMUS project. The tour started at the medieval fortress, continued in the old Bujerauca area and ended at the Aleinicov Villa. The route was organised to capture the town’s oldest streets, places of worship,...

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Ministry of Culture nominates the winners of the annual awards for 2015

Republic of Moldova

On 15 January, National Culture Day, the Palace of the Republic hosted the Annual Awards of the Ministry of Culture’s 2016 ceremony. The awards were granted for the most representative cultural activities, including restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. The “Stefan Ciobanu” prize in...

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Vachagan Adunts, Mayor of Goris: "COMUS is an exciting initiative, a great programme for Goris, which undoubtedly will lead to increased welfare."

Goris, Armenia

"Goris is one of the unique cities of Armenia that has kept its historical appearance. Through the COMUS programme, which also aims to preserve and transmit cultural values, we have high expectations for the implementation of joint projects. COMUS has a great role in smart planning and...

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